Monday, 28 January 2013

Toyota GT 86 Turned Into Lexus L'FAil'

We know by now that the Toyota GT 86 is a tuners dream as we have seen some nice subtle changes and some completely ludicrous ones. This one belongs in the ludicrous and somewhat embarrassing category. This package from DAMD tries to give the 86 a complete makeover and turn it into a Lexus LFA. The front fascia has been tweaked to give you the sense of the LFA but the rear is what stands out with the proper LFA exhaust layout. Overkill in my opinion and the LFA kit should never be seen on anything else other than the LFA ;)


  1. That is soo cool!!! It's like having a mini LFA!! People if you buy this car you won't be a "CHOP" you will be a Boss with a sick car!! B-)

    1. Ya just the same as a mini LFA except without a screaming V10, insane original styling and of course the luxury Lexus badge ;)

  2. This is the 86 I want, looks great!

  3. Looks good but definitely needs more power behind it...147kw isn't enough


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