Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Photo: Lamborghini Murcielago Fit For a Safari

Spotted in Japan (obviously), this horrendous looking Murcielago has been given a leopard print wrap make over. You might think to yourself that this must be the only car in the world that has done this but you would be wrong. Some other crazy cat (excuse the pun) also wrapped his/her car in a similar pattern and get this, it was ALSO a Murcielago. What is going on in this world?

lamborghini murcielago leopard print


  1. it is the same Murcielago with this http://www.zero2turbo.com/2012/05/leopard-print-lamborghini-wtf.html?m=1
    the owner just installed the new KIT on Murcielago

    1. I am not so sure it is the same Murcielago... The wrap is definitely different!


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