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Chris Brown's Colourful New Gallardo

Yep so Chris Brown is back in the spotlight of cars but this time not for crashing one. Remember he had his Gallardo made to look like a Jet Fighter well new he has taken the same car and turned it into what seems to be something from Hot Wheels. He is calling it "El Toro" but I think it is a complete eyesore! The job was done by the guys at WCC and the front has been heavily modified to look somewhat Reventon/Aventador like and then there are the colours on the car which I am not going to go into... This car will certainly turn heads but I don't think for the right reasons.


Zero 2 Turbo

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  1. This Gallardo looks terrible, the front bumper and the rims (blue) look Kak! The colour of the car is even worse, looks like some kid had fun with there crayons and just put random colours every where. Plus why is it a 1st generation Gallardo, I am sure he has enough moola to have got the newer model.