Monday, 5 August 2013

Spy Shots: Lamborghini Cabrera August 2013

Just the other day we saw some renderings bu Autobild of what they thing the new Gallardo successor would look like. These spy shots recently surfaced online and the rear of the car has me worrying a little bit. They look fairly close to the rendering and I do not think I am a fan. What do you all think of these spy shots? I am sure the front will look glorious.

[Pics via @pablorubu]


  1. Not too close to the rendering. The tail lights look similar to the Sesto Elemento. BTW, where did you get these photos?

    1. I was sent them. Not too sure where they got them but I was the first to share them!

  2. Seems like Lamborghini is going the Porsche way where all models start looking similar...This design is too close to the Aventador to be called a brand new car, let alone a Gallardo replacement


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