When Borrowing A Lambo Murcielago SV Don’t Crash It Into A Tree

The unfortunate incident happened in Thailand and it looks like one of the most loved Lamborghini’s of all time, the Murcielago SV, has been totaled. The worst part of this story, is that it was being driven by a ‘friend’ of the owner who borrowed the car to go to a party. That is mistake number one if you ask me.

His ‘friend’ lost control of the supercar around 3AM crashing it into a palm tree and hitting a motorbike along the way. The driver and two of his friends are lucky to make it out alive, suffering minor cuts and bruises as a result. Sources are indicating that the driver was showing off at the time of the incident and considering it was 3AM, I would suspect some other aspects to have played a part too.

[Source: Mirror]

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