Young Ferrari Enthusiast Creates 458 GTO Project With Full Brochure

You don’t often come across a 17-year old with enough passion for a heritage Ferrari that he goes and creates an entire brochure on a car that does not exist and will never exist. Steve Morfouasse from France decided to create a fully complete brochure for the Ferrari 458 GTO which took over 200 hours to do. When asked why did you do this project, he had the following to say;

“For the 30 years of the Ferrari 288 GTO, I wanted to revive in the most accurate manner possible the myth GTO. In addition, there are many fans who love this model that was a turning point in the history of Ferrari. So I chose the 458 that seemed to be the most appropriate model for this decision. With a production limited to 472 copies output, the new 458 GTO offers a context of real racing car, there are high demand lately. The new GTO is therefore desirable, sensational, exclusive and efficient. A real collector’s item for these next years…” [Excuse the translation from French]

Some of the images are better than others but my word this is dedication! Click here for the full brochure to see the detail this fan went to!

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