Crash Etiquette: Be Calm And Collected After A Crash And Do What Needs To Be Done, Here is How.

The majority of people will experience a crash in their lifetime. With the huge amount of power under the control of thousands of motorists who drive super close to one another it is in some ways unavoidable. There are of course precautions you can take, such as driving safely yourself at all times or even looking for safe cars so that in the event of a crash you and your family are protected. But, nothing can stop an accident if it isn’t your own fault, so there are varying things you need to do and remember in the case of any kind of motoring crash. Some are easier than others, yet they can save you embarrassment, being fooled and indeed conned.

Stay Calm: Be Polite

You may have kids in the car, it may have been a stupid mistake that was in no way your fault or the other driver may be falsely accusing you. Don’t worry about any of this. Take a deep breath, and remain calm. Aggression may land you in more trouble than it’s worth, leaving you in trouble with the police or bystanders. Let the other person vent, let them do whatever they need to, but don’t push them. Just wait for them to calm down themselves, then they will be the one looking foolish. Stay polite, be civil, accidents happen all the time, it’s just one of those things.

Have Details To Hand

Always keep a notepad and pen in your car for situations like this. Whatever happens, take down the number plate of the car and any other details such as paint colour. You never know, but they could give you false details in which case you need your own to track them down in the aftermath. Give your details willingly, even if it wasn’t your fault. Giving details isn’t an admission of guilt of fault, but it is the right thing to do in the long run.

Find Witnesses

Next you need to find witnesses who saw what happened. It is only right that you cover your own back here and make sure the decision comes down on your side, this is especially the case if the accident doesn’t seem clear cut. You should check nearby establishments to see if they have CCTV and whether they will provide it to help prove your claim.

Treat Injury

Whatever you think, treating injury needs to be top of your list. Especially if you think it could result in you missing work or it could adversely affect your life. Contact a firm which specialises in injury such as The Dixon Injury Firm, they can help you get the compensation you truly deserve so that your life isn’t adversely affected and offset any loss of income.

Tell Your Insurance Company

Tell your insurance firm as soon as possible so they can begin processing your claim or preparing for the other person’s claim. Doing this can speed up the process and keep faith with your firm as they will be more inclined to help someone who is upfront about what happened. Tell the truth, don’t embellish. They can usually tell straight away by who was at fault and will always try to argue on your benefit.

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