Steps for Sending a Clunker to the Junk Yard

Steps for Sending a Clunker to the Junk Yard
Perhaps your old clunker is taking up space and your wife can’t stop urging you to get rid of it. If you’ve arrived at the decision to get rid of it, you’ll want to find local junkyards near you. Consider taking the following steps to find local junk yards.

#1 Ensure you Pay off Your Loan
You probably own some cash to a private lender for your clunker. You might want to pay off your clunker first before sending it to the junkyard. Once your car is paid off, you’ll get back your title. Keep in mind, no junkyard will take your car unless you fully possess a clear title.

#2 Verify Your Title
Your clunker may not have a lien on it, but are you holding the title? If not, go through the important documents to find your title. If you fail to find it, don’t panic. How about contacting your State’s Department of Motor Vehicle for help? You’ll only need to demonstrate proof of ownership and probably pay a fee to get a new copy of the title.

#3 Make contact with Local Salvage Yards
Of course, whether running or not, a clunker is worth something. If your old car is still running, it’s worth more than a spoilt one. You can seek recommendations from friends and acquaintances for a local salvage yard. You can also opt to search the internet to find local junkyards near you. Inquire about the cost of towing your car to the salvage yard or even driving it away?

#4 Select a Yard
Of course, making contact with local yards should give you at least three or more offers for your clunker. Evaluate carefully to determine the best terms to dispose of your car. However, you might need to sign over the lien to the junkyard before receiving payment for your clunker. If your old car is worthless, the salvage company might only tow it away for free.

#5 Remove the License Plates and Registration
Before the company tows the clunker away, you’ll need to remove personal and business effects. Make sure the car is not towed away with the registration number, license plates, or even the insurance information. However, you might need to check out whether there are any additional rules put in place as you send your clunker to the junkyard.

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