Get the Best Possible Experience with These Motorcycle Add-Ons and Modifications

When it comes to owning a motorcycle, it’s the kind of experience where the fun never really ends. There are so many different directions you can take with motorcycles that it can be downright overwhelming to figure everything out. That said, such a thing is what makes owning a motorcycle fun. So, once you’ve started figuring things out and have made the most out of your vanilla experience with a motorcycle, what would be the next step?

For savvy motorcycle owners, the next big step is to start modifying the bike to suit their needs. A motorcycle is not a static piece where you have to constantly get the latest and greatest model for the next experience. Instead, it’s something that you can undoubtedly push to the very limits by focusing on all sorts of modifications. For those who might not be sure where to begin, here’s how to get the best possible experience with motorcycle add-ons and modifications.

Installing an overall sound system

While most riders are happy to hear the roar of the engines and the sound of the wind, sometimes such an experience isn’t enough. It’s always fun to have songs to accompany you while you ride, which is where motorcycle speakers come in. 

There are plenty of tips for making the most out of speakers, and a lot of them have to do with the model and make of the bike. Fortunately, you are not alone when it comes to modifying speakers, as there are plenty of resources such as those offered by Ridersbeat. While some rides might be content with what they already have, they likely haven’t yet experienced what it’s like to have incredible motorcycle speakers. Once you give it a try, you won’t want to stop tinkering.

Dealing with the tires

For most models out there, the manufacturer tends to slap on a one-size-fits-all multipurpose tire that can get the job done, but it is not something that excels in any area. There are different areas where people will ride their bikes, and it can have differing conditions depending on the terrain or the weather. So it’s not a good idea to stick with the default tires for very long, and one of the first things you can modify would be the tires.

Thankfully, there’s no need to deal with trial and error when trying to get the job done. There are many resources out there that can help, and it’s easy to tell what type of tires you need depending on specific conditions. Typically, you’ll want to keep a pair of tires that are most relevant to where you live, as well as have an extra pair for other areas you often hang out.

Adjusting the suspension

While the default setting of most motorcycles are enough for the casual rider, it’s much the same situation as the tires — where you won’t get the whole experience without a bit of modification. In this case, it’s all about suspension and how best to modify it professionally to your standards and requirements. It’s best to have experts look at your bike and have them make modifications based on where you ride your bike the most. Optimizing suspension means ensuring that you have more control over your motorcycle. Such a thing is a matter of life and death when on the road, and having the extra benefit of a more comfortable ride overall.

It might not seem like such a big deal to adjust the suspension, but you’ll immediately feel the difference. It’s highly beneficial to even novice riders, so having a professional look at the bike and setting everything up is crucial.

Potentially pimping out the turn signals

Unlike tires and suspension, modifying the turn signals is not necessarily going to result in better performance. It’s more about how the motorcycle looks to others, which matters to quite a few riders. Some people tend to think that the default turn signals are a little too plain, which is where modifications come in. Many types of turn signals tend to stick out, but there’s no reason to have it when you can get something much better installed. 

There are many upgrades out there that can make the turn signals more flush onto the bike and improve the lighting. It can make your motorcycle much easier to see on the road, which might not necessarily help with performance, but it undoubtedly helps when it comes to overall safety. Even in older models of motorcycles, installing sleek turn signals can help the bike look that much more modern, which is never a bad thing.

A modified stand

Despite being a relatively simple part of a motorcycle, the stand has a crucial function: keeping the bike upright. If the stand is not doing its job, you’re likely to have all sorts of problems that could lead to your bike getting damaged. A modified stand can be fun since you can be creative when it comes to its overall design. There are different stands out there that can transform the look of your bike while simultaneously adding an extra layer of security. While the typical stand can do its job well enough, a custom-made stand ensures that your bike will never fall over.

Improving the windshield

You will rarely see motorcycles associated with windshields, even if every bike has one. The fact of the matter is that windshields are partly responsible for the aerodynamics of a motorcycle, which means making improvements could also boost performance. It is also at the front of the motorcycle, which means modifications will affect the overall aesthetics. It’s the kind of add-on that some riders never thought they could modify, as windshields tend to feel so plain.

The best part is that the different modifications listed above are on the tip of the rider’s iceberg. You’ll undoubtedly have a great time making little improvements to your bike to help personalize it and improve the overall experience.

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