Ferrari Cavalcade Chaos: 3 x Crashed LaFerrari’s & 1 x F12tdf Catches Fire

Each year, Ferrari holds its annual ‘Cavalcade’ event, which is a VVIP Ferrari owner and collectors run through some amazing Italian roads. It is meant to be a celebration of all things Ferrari but it for some owners and drivers, things have turned a bit sour. Firstly a LaFerrari was invovled in an incident which resulted in the car mounting a sign post and causing heavy damage to the car. Then a pair of LaFerrari’s bumped into each other (causing more damage for the individual who was responsible). The owner of the black LaFerrari mentioned on his Instagram account that the driver sneezed before bashing into the back of him. Then there is a single picture of a new Ferrari F12tdf which appears to have been covered in fire extinguisher powder. Reports are vague, but it appears the F12tdf suddenly caught flame while at the gas station in the city of Longarone.

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