Koenigsegg One:1 Destroyed At Nurburgring In High Speed Crash

For those who did not see last night, images of a severely wrecked One:1 surfaced online and now we have the full story for you. Firstly the driver is OK which means the car’s safety systems and design is on point. Secondly skid marks show that as the One:1 was in the Adeneuer Forst section of the track, the brakes locked up heading into a right hand corner. The car then appears to have smashed head-on into the guard rail before speaking over the top of it and landing on the grass. Evidently, the crash occurred at very high speed and soon after, the rear quarter panel caught fire but was soon extinguished. Lastly and most importantly is that they will be rebuilding this car and they will return to grab that ‘Ring Record’ they are so hungry for.

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