Car Technologies That We’re Likely To See In The Future

What will the cars of the future look like?  Will they even have a steering wheel, or will we just have to input some digits into a computer and be whisked off as though we have a personal chauffeur?  Well, according to a new infographic released by YourParkingSpace, there are a few techs that could be added to cars a lot sooner than you think.

Among these technologies are biometric vehicle access, which requires your finger print to start the car, 360o cameras, which will help with everything from parking to pulling out at junctions, and health monitoring devices, which will alert drivers and passengers if they are suffering from fatigue or high stress.  Of course, it’s also very likely that autonomous driving will feature heavily in our future as well, especially with companies like Google having already built self-driving cars.

Car technology is advancing at such a staggering rate that it won’t be long before driving as we know it completely changes.  If you’re interested in finding out more about car technology of the future, check out the infographic below.  You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised, and possibly also excited, about what’s on the horizon!

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