Getting Some Pop Out Of Your Old Banger

After a few years spent driving the same car, your life on the road will usually start to get a bit boring. With your car getting older, it doesn’t perform like it used to. Its brakes have gone soft, the clutch isn’t as responsive, and gear changes are far from smooth. At this point, a lot of people opt to start fresh, buying a new or used car to replace their old one. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, this post will be helping you to breathe new life into your old car through the age-old art of performance tuning.

To make this easier, this post will be focusing on the Honda Accord. Currently, this car is one of the most popular cars in North America, along with sitting at the top of the list for used cars, too. People like the Accord because of its famed reliability. Like most Hondas, the Accord is built to last, with parts which can be easily changed and high-quality materials are used throughout, making it the perfect candidate for a tune up.

There are quite a few parts you can easily change from your own driveway on the Honda Accord. In most cases, people will avoid a turbo, opting instead to get a supercharger for this car. Along with this, you’ll also need some upgraded fuel injectors and a fuel pump, but this should give you a good performance boost on its own. Any Accord will benefit from an upgraded intake, as well as better filters, radiators, and even wider wheels. With these areas, you can also look into replacing things like brakes, which will often impact the drivability of a car.

Of course, even though you could probably squeeze a lot more power out of your Accord, it doesn’t mean that you should. It pays to be sensible with this sort of upgrade, focusing on making your car run like new rather than like a race car. Below, you’ll find a couple of the issues you might face if you push your tuning too far.

  • Law

Being a driver comes with the responsibility to follow all of the rules on the road, and failing to do so can have some dire consequences. Causing an accident because of speeding or losing control as the result of your tuning could see you branded as a bad driver and need the help of a lawyer like helpinginjuredpeople. In this position, your insurance would go up, and you may even have to pay expensive legal fees.

  • Reliability

Like any piece of machinery, putting too much stress on your car will eventually damage it. By pulling too much power out of your car, it’s easy to make it incredibly unreliable, costing you a small fortune in fees at the garage. Clutches and other expensive parts are very sensitive. So, overworking them could cause their untimely demise.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of the work that you can do to breathe some life back into your old car. Instead of buying something new, it can pay to work on what you already have. Most of this work can be done with parts you find online and tools you already have in the garage.

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