Agencies Warn Motorists to Get Set for Winter

With winter now setting in and the cold weather heading our way, many motorists will be facing the prospect of driving around in the ice and snow. This is something that many dread, which is not surprising given the dangers that it poses. However, preparing yourself and your vehicle for winter motoring can go some way toward easing the stress. 

A number of motoring agencies are now urging drivers to get their vehicles ready for winter driving. During this period, many people are involved in car accidents, end up getting stranded, or experience car problems because of the weather. Agency officials have said that by getting prepared early, drivers can help to avoid many of these issues. Investing in items ranging from new tyres and snow chains through to coolant and de-icer can all help to get motorists prepared.

 Why motorists need to get prepared

 All drivers are aware of the increased dangers and problems that come with being on the road during the winter. However, many leave it too late to get themselves prepared. This can lead to not only problems with breakdowns and mechanical issues but could also result in endangering the lives of those in the vehicle and others on the road. 

This is why experts are now urging drivers to act sooner rather than at the last minute in order to get their vehicles ready. The number of callouts and accidents over the winter period rockets, which provides some indication into the type and level of issues drivers face during the cold weather. By taking early action, many motorists will be able to avoid these issues and can enjoy safer driving during the winter weather.

 While some people may feel that it is too early to start thinking about preparing the car for winter, motoring agencies have said that this is not the case. Leaving things until the last minute means that drivers will find it more difficult to get the items they need to benefit from safe motoring and may find it harder to get their cars booked into a garage in the event that work needs doing to it before the bad weather comes.

 There are a number of vital checks that experts recommend before the bad weather comes. This includes checking the tyres on the vehicle, making sure that the windscreen and wipers are not damaged, and checking the battery and coolant in the vehicle. Also, having an oil change can be beneficial if it has not been done for some time. Drivers can even take their vehicles into a local garage to get it serviced ready for the winter so that experts can cast their eye over what needs doing in order to minimise on the risk of problems.

 While some people are loathe to pay for work to be carried out on their vehicles to prepare them for winter, officials have said that this is far cheaper than having to pay for repairs in the event of an accident during the cold weather. 

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