Visit Your Local Ford Dealer This Christmas

Have you been planning to buy a new Ford this year? There is no better time of the year to buy a new or used vehicle than at the very end of it. In the weeks leading up to New Years’ Eve, the deals on cars and trucks get bigger and bigger. While some car-buyers are amazed that anyone would add to their Christmas bills by buying a vehicle, the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for car and truck sales. The last week of the year in particular, between Boxing Day and January 3rd, is the busiest for vehicle sales.

In the last week of the year, all vehicles get steep discounts, but luxury vehicles see some of the steepest cuts. You should also expect some great bargains on Ford F150s from your local Ford dealership in Brampton, with the Ford F150 competing with a number of luxury vehicles (and outselling them all), combining the power and durability drivers need to get down to work with the latest technology and comfort in the cabin. Check out the deals at dealerships like Colony Ford Brampton, a Ford dealership that’s been serving Brampton for over four decades.

Your local Ford dealer in Brampton can also be your source for a car loan, especially if you struggle with a poor credit rating. Banks will often refuse to lend to people with low credit ratings and that can put a new or used truck out of reach. But local Ford dealerships know that driving isn’t an option for many in Brampton, it’s a necessary part of getting by in the Greater Toronto Area. Financing from your car dealer can help get you behind the wheel, even if you’ve struggled with debt and loan repayments in the past. And if a new vehicle is still out of your budget, leasing options can put you behind a reliable vehicle without putting you into debt.

Finally, keep in mind that the older your new Ford F150 gets, the more you’re going to depend on your Ford dealer for great regular maintenance and collision repairs. You can get a lot of years out of a Ford F150 with the right maintenance. If you want to keep it running the way it did off the lot after a collision, you’re also going to want OEM parts, which you can’t always find from a non-dealer mechanic. In Brampton, you can find OEM parts and Ford factory-trained technicians at Colony Ford Brampton. Whether your need replacement parts or just a tune-up, nobody knows your truck better than a factory-trained technician. Head to your dealer to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.

If you’re looking for Ford tips and maintenance advice or buying guides, you can visit the Colony Ford Lincoln Blog to learn about new models and tips for buying used. Your local dealer should be there to help you buy your new truck and keep it running smoothly, and offer a wealth of resources for their customers. This Christmas, you can drive away in a new or used Ford truck and save big.

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