The Best Cars for People That Love Camping and Caravanning

If you have a caravan, horsebox or trailer, choosing the best car for you towing needs is a must. Selecting the right model for the job can sometimes be a difficult task, as when you test drive vehicles, they won’t have a tow hitch to test out their capabilities. The ideal car also has to perform well with different maneuvers and needs to have the capabilities to for the weight of your caravan or trailer. There are lots of other extras to look out for too, as you’ll need practical features such as 12v sockets and towing electrics plus storage space so a spacious trunk is essential.

Check some of the best models that will give you the best towing experience and make road trips a stress-free journey.

Station wagons

This model of car is ideal for towing a range of things from horseboxes to small caravans. Many newer models have plenty of room on the inside and ample boot space for towing essentials such as jockey wheels, towing electrics and packing space. Many station wagons have powerful engines and sophisticated suspension, so driving when towing is a smoother and more enjoyable experience.


Minivans are the perfect towing vehicles for larger families. Not only do modern models have the strength to pull caravans, but they also have tons of space for your camping essentials. Classic vehicles have seven seats, which is ideal if you are looking for a spacious yet comfortable drive for the whole family.

SUVs and Crossovers

For a stylish and powerful towing vehicle, the range of SUVs and crossovers is an ideal choice. This model is great for stability when towing a range of things and often makes light work of smaller tows such as a small caravan or trailer. Many models have a plush interior so the ride is comfortable and there is ample boot space for camping equipment and electrics.


If you’re looking for the ultimate utility vehicle, trucks are a great option. Not only do they have the horsepower for larger towing needs, but they also provide stability and strength for a smooth and comfortable drive. There is a choice of single or double cab varieties dependent on your needs, and the ample bed space gives you plenty of storage area for all your travel needs.

Four-wheel drives

Strong and practical four-wheel drives are ideal for camping needs if you’re looking to go off the beaten track. This type of vehicle is perfect for general camping needs, and although they can tow a range of things, if you’re considering camping in tough terrain, towing a caravan might not be the best option. Four-wheels drives have a smaller trunk space, but fitting roof bars will give you some more room up top.

Camping and caravanning holidays are popular for people of all ages. Selecting the right car for your needs is vital for a stress-free vacation and important for both driving comfort and towing power.

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