Top 5 Sedans In The Market Right Now

For decades the ingredients of a family sedan haven’t changed. Customers look for utility, economy, convenience, an impressive elegant style and last but not the least, performance, even today. But what has changed is the perspective of the car manufactures who are on the constant attempt to assemble all these features in a single model with affordable package.

However, quite contrary to their primary purpose, these sedans are considered the lifelines of rally sports where they’re found quite commonly with the participating drivers. With the constantly increasing betting activity on the sport, and the availability of quality free bets at reputed platforms, the craze for such sedans has shot up all the more. Focusing on this aspect of rally sports, we bring to you 5 sedans which can be used for rallying and would also serve your day-to-day purposes.

Honda Accord 2018

One feels quite nervous when it comes to alterations in something that has been loved for a long time. But Honda always takes care of that by never changing any of the features that are cherished widely and the 2018 Accord’s specs prove that right. The new Accord, like always is the best mid-sized family sedan.  It now comes with a better two turbocharged engines with four-cylinders and an updated infotainment system. The new accord has a starting price of USD 24,465 the Accord is a hallmark of graceful handling and spacious interiors.

Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is way more special for the price tag that it comes with. It has an expensive looking beautiful cabin and a chiselled body that everyone loves. Talking about the updates over the previous version, it has upgraded its exterior styling with a refreshing interior and comes with an exciting option of an additional engine. The all-new Mazda 6 now has turbocharged 2.5-L four cylinder slots which is a great help in cylinder deactivation and bumps up the horsepower and torque at a handsome price of USD 35,645.

Chevrolet Malibu

Consisting of an aggressive looking front end with a gorgeous sheet-metal this is one of the Chevrolet‘s in the market. Mostly, manufacturers offer an impressive infotainment system and lots of safety tech features in the upper models, however Malibu has managed these features even in their lower models. The car comes with a 35 mpg, all latest techs, graceful handling, and spacious interior making it a complete family sedan. The lowest model of the car starts at a price of USD 22,555.

Toyota Camry 2018

The car now should be called “All-New” Toyota Camry as it has been fully redesigned with a longer wheelbase compared to the older version. It now comes with an enhanced exterior style and revised rear-suspension geometry with two different styling themes depending on your model. The car has many pros like a strong four-cylinder engine, and a huge cargo space. It has been modestly priced in the range of USD 23,645 to USD 35,100.

Kia Optima 2018

Usually, the mid-sized sedans are overlooked these days because of the various crossovers options in the market. But the Optima 2018 manages to draw attraction because of the affordability and handsome exteriors. It comes with a number of options depending on the engine that one wants – two turbocharged models, a base engine and two options of hybrid variants. The Optima is available from USD 23,495 for LX base version to USD 31,495 for the top-end SX version.

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