Great Ways To Save When Buying a New Car

There are many reasons why buying a new car is better than buying used. Firstly, there’s the privilege of it being your car, that you get to put your stamp on and make the most of before anyone else has their fun with it. There’s also the big factor that you know you’re getting a vehicle that’s in the best condition and that will still be under warranty.

However, buying new is of course more expensive, which is what puts a lot of us off. That being said, there are a number of great ways you can help bring this expense down, or help get more for your money, here are a few suggestions:

Research the List Price

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that some dealerships will try to charge more than what the car is actually worth – even if it’s new. To counteract this, what you need to do is research the list price for different models that interest you and use this to look for the new models that are priced appropriately.

Part Exchange

Many car sellers will happily accept part exchange and knock off the value of your existing car from the price of the new one. To help ensure you get as much as you can for your car and that you don’t get short-changed, you should again research the average selling price on used models of a similar age, mileage and condition to yours. Be prepared to bargain with this though.

Push for the Extras

In addition to bargaining on price, you should try and push for as many free extras as possible. Little touches like a full set of car mats, mud flaps and even things like boot covers can add up, and ultimately will stop you needing to spend more on these yourself.

Don’t Buy what the Garage Offers

The garage will also try to push their additional products on you such as their finance, warranty and GAP insurance policies. Invariably, you will find that these are more expensive than third-party options, so instead reject what they offer and look elsewhere. For instance, companies like ALA who provide GAP insurance offer policies cheaper than what dealers have in place.

Be Prepared to Wait

The last piece of advice is to play the long game with your car buying and wait until just before the new plates are about to come out. Dealers will know that their existing new cars will depreciate in value when the new plates arrive. As such they may be more flexible on how much discount they offer.

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