Lease Returns for Sale: How to Score a Great Deal

The car of your dreams might be a bit over your budget, but instead of looking for a cheap alternative, have you considered buying it off-lease?

It’s easy to understand why some people shy away from buying their car after someone has used it. After all, cars get worn out rather quickly, and when you invest, you want it to pay off in the long run. But buying your car off-lease is very different from just buying a “used” vehicle.

Used car shops try to give cars a second home. They provide cheap vehicles that already have a lot of mileage on them. And who knows what the previous owners did with them right?

However, that isn’t something you should worry about with an off-lease vehicle. The previous owner was a company, meaning the person driving the car was renting it. And when you borrow something, you tend to be a little more careful with how you use it, because you know that in the end, you have to give it back. Also, manufacturers have to move them fast, so they offer a lot of incentives to potential buyers.

So if you’re considering purchasing any lease returns for sale, either the one you were renting or not, here are some great tips on how to get the best deal.

Research and Compare

First of all, don’t make any hasty decisions. Even if you’re not buying a new car, it’s still worth your while to do a little bit of research before you sign any papers.

That includes looking at different manufacturers to compare their offers, as well as checking out the car you want to buy. Online forums are a great place where you can find other people’s experience with the vehicle in question and see if it’s worth the price (even if it’s a very low one).

Look at the Warranty

Here’s an issue that often pops up with used vehicles. When you’re looking for an off-lease car to buy, check to see if the manufacturer is still offering its original warranty. Most of them do because it plays to their intent to move cars quickly, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also, note that some of the features in the original warranty may expire sooner than others. So if a company sells the notion of a “five-year warranty,” you’ll have to check that it extends to all feature. If they don’t, you can negotiate a better price.

Check for Financing Deals

It’s relatively common to find great financing deals offered by manufacturers to help sell their cars easier. They can change regularly, but the rates provided by manufacturers are generally speaking a lot lower than the ones you’d get from banks.

However, while these financing deals are considered buying incentives, it’s not to say they don’t have strict rules on who qualifies for one. Similar to a bank, manufacturers want to make sure they’re getting their money back, so you’ll have to meet some criteria for striking a deal

Look at the Leasing Options

Sometimes, you might be better off just leasing the car, even if it’s been leased before. Unfortunately, these “re-leasing” offers aren’t that widespread because manufacturers prefer to sell the cars after a lease is up rather than renting it again.

And it’s not a bad idea to ask them up on these offers, either. Yes, you are essentially leasing a used car, but you’ll be doing it at a meager price. It’s especially great if you’re not yet too sure if you’re ready to buy a car, or your finances aren’t that great.

Back to You

So, your dream car is out of your budget. So what? You might find it at a very special price if you check the manufacturer’s off lease deals.

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