Illegal Car Modifications: What Are They And Why Are They Illegal?

One of the most satisfying aspects of car ownership is being able to customize your ride. While most cars are built and sold with components that are meant to satisfy the majority of the market, nothings beats being able to truly make your car truly yours.

But as with all things that we are able to do, car modifications are not without their limits. First, let’s acknowledge that nobody likes being told what they can and cannot do with their property. However, in the same manner that cars are designed with compromises in mind that appeal to majority, these limitations on what we can and cannot do with our property are put in place for the good of the majority too.

That’s the lazy explanation. And well, if you want the in depth explanation, you can always consult a seasoned lawyer like the ones at the Edwards & Patterson Law firm. But, as one of the Average Joes, I’ve always found that I’m better able to adhere to rules when the purpose for which these rules were written are made clear to me. That being said, these are some illegal car modifications and the reasons why they are considered as such.

High Lift Kits

Those big trucks are undeniably majestic machines to behold, but,some enthusiasts take their passions to unnecessary and dangerous heights (pun intended). The reason behind the ban on monster truck-esque lift kits is that these lift kits tend to impact the vehicle’s ability to brake properly. It’s simple science, the higher the mass of an object, the higher the force is required to stop its motion.

Low Ride Height

Lowriders are prohibited in several states for the same reason as high lift kits are. Lowriders often tend to scrape the road, thus making the car less controllable and more dangerous. While this ban has been circumvented by the introduction of hydraulics, most cities still prohibit the use of hydraulics while the vehicle is in motion.

Underbody Neon Lights

Still impressed by bright lights? What are you, moths? These lights are banned in order to prevent people from pretending to be elements of law enforcement. While it’s true that the trend has indeed faded, driving with these still on will still get you an expensive ticket.

Modified Taillights and Headlights

This may seem trivial to you, but the use of modified lights may seem like a harmless aesthetic modification. However, these third party-made lights are often made with low quality standards. They often end up getting fogged up quicker than stock lights. And well, if your lights aren’t in tip-top shape, then your vehicle isn’t roadworthy.

Nitrous Kits

Many who have nitrous kits installed into their car claim that it’s only for the track. The problem is, many of the same people use nitrous on the streets. Nitrous oxide is incredibly flammable and it poses a constant safety risk. One may even say that it’s a strict liability.

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