Battery Powered Bikes

It’s rare nowadays not to find an E or and I in front of our technology, indicating that it is smart in some way. With electric and internet powered appliances becoming a norm in most households, it is unsurprising to see the uprising of battery powered push bikes.

With the added capabilities of propelling passengers for longer distances or up steep inclines so their legs don’t give out on long bike rides, an electric bike offers people of all ages and abilities a bicycle option to cater for their needs.

Using an onboard battery and motor, an e-bike can aid users to traverse both on and off road at the push of a button. Energy efficient and good on the knees, a typical e-bike battery will take anywhere from 2-6 hours to charge, providing its cyclist with speeds of up to 18 miles per hour.

Weighing in at around 7kg or more, the battery does give the bike more weight, but with the added assistance it is hard to notice. When used for extended periods peddling yourself can prolong the battery life, and whilst chargers are portable, a rider need never fear of losing power, as the bike remains usable in the traditional way regardless of the motor.  

With long-distance commuters in mind, e-bike designers have also thought to make their bikes fold up for easy storage. This is ideal for train users going to larger cities on a regular basis, as they do not need to be concerned with how to get from the train station to their destination once they alight. Instead, by taking an electric bike, they can store it in the carriage, ride upon arrival and even take the bike inside with them, folded up and less likely to be stolen then as it would be chained up on the street.

An electric bike is also a great health imitative for people wanting to peddle to work but not have to deal with the issue of sweating. Whilst the battery will take the onus off you have to push to keep up the pace, enough peddling is still required that you can get your daily exercise requirements in. An added boon for commuters also include better speeds then simply walking or having to push beyond what is comfortable, should you find yourself running late.

E-bikes are also a great way of socializing and encouraging others to ride more. With statistics claiming the average peddle bike leaves the shed only twice a year, it is important to our health and that of our loved ones to get out and about more. A great way of doing this is via a battery powered bike. Having to peddle occasionally will motivate even the laziest people to take up the bicycle and go for a long ride. With the battery aiding them, they will be even more motivated knowing they have travelled a longer distance then they would have if they had gone out of sheer force of will alone.

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