Max Polyakov Establishes the Best Auto Garage in Lyon, Firefly Auto Garage

mechanic Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov grew up in a family of seven children who were taught the principles of hard work and diligence. His family was not one for lack, with his father being the son of one of the past mayors of the city. However, his’s father, Charles, was not one to take advantage of his privileged status. He worked hard for his coins and did a good job instilling this idea into his young children’s minds. Max Polyakov’s mother too was not very different from her husband. She also worked extremely hard to get to her position as the head of the labour department in one of the largest maternity homes in the area. In fact, in his house, hard work was indeed the order of the day.

His father, Charles Polyakov was a businessman who specialized in moving vans. His company delivered goods to clients all over France. Their headquarters was at Ambronay, and he helped people to move their goods from place to place.

Max Polyakov develops an interest in cars
It was during one of the work trips that Charles Polyakov took his son on, that Max Polyakov discovered his love for car engines. After his father’s truck broke down and he interacted with the mechanic who came to fix the car, He knew that he wanted to be a mechanic.
His father noticed this passion and fueled it by giving Max Polyakov all that he wanted in order to excel. His father even bought him a toy truck which simulated a real one, and had a field day dismantling it just to see what was really inside a car.

Max Polyakov becomes a mechanic and names his shop Firefly
By the time Max Polyakov was eighteen, he enrolled in an engineering school and took a two-year course on Automotive engineering. There he studied under his mentor, who then nicknamed his class of five young aspirants ‘Firefly’. The name Firefly stuck with Max Polyakov. He easily outshone his classmates and took his training a step further by learning under his mentor after the two years were over. He took the time to study and manage his mentor‘s shop. Soon when it was time for him to go out on his own, his mentor gifted him the shop and a mechanic Max Polyakov named it Firefly.

The Firefly Auto garage grew within a short period of time because he had built enough rapport with the clients of his mentor’s shop. His good work brought more and more people to Firefly. In no time, the Firefly Auto Garage was indeed the most talked about the mechanic shop in town, all thanks to hard work.

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