Ferrari F430 Spider Given FXX K “Styling”

The Ferrari F430 may start to look a little dated if you have owned one for many years and it seems the owner of this Spider example was very over the standard look of the Fezza.

This car was spotted in an underground parking lot in South Korea’s capital Seoul and as you can see features a lot of exterior updates that, as far as we can tell, are intended to mimic the looks of the track-only FXX K special.

There is a new bumper with canards, the headlights have been partially covered, and the stock side skirts have been replaced with new ones, while there are also bulky rear fenders, a widened bumper, and darkened taillights.

There are a few FXX K like rear wings at the back and to really mimic the track car it received the silver and black stripes from the launch spec.

As far as tuning jobs go, it is just not working! Those rear wing things are just awful as are the red aftermarket wheels.

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