The Complete Guide To The Silverado Twin Turbo Kit

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The current versions of Chevrolet Silverado twin turbo kits have significantly evolved from the kits of the past. These newer versions allow for greater power and efficiency than ever before while also maintaining fuel economy and better drive-ability. The majority of these turbo kits are also a lot quieter because they act as mufflers. So, if your vehicle needs more torque and horsepower without a lot of headaches, the Silverado twin turbo kit will allow you to accomplish this goal with minimal hassle.

Drivers become addicted to boost quickly. For example, if you have ever driven or rode in a car that has a turbocharger, you are well aware of the surge of power once the motor enters into the boost range. This means that if you want to give your Chevrolet truck the same level of acceleration and power, a turbo kit is the best option for you. There is a range of turbo kits available online for every level.

Beginners may prefer an entry-level unit, while more experienced drivers may want high-performance screamers. With the wide range of kits on the market, you are very likely to find the perfect turbo for your Silverado. It does not matter whether you plan to drive on the track, or on the street, these turbochargers will keep you way ahead of the competition.

What Is A Turbocharger?

Although superchargers compress the air by utilizing the truck’s crankshaft in order to create the propulsion, turbo kits for Silverados use exhaust pressure instead. This pressure spools the turbo, and draws in the air and forces the air through the intake manifold.

The end result is a huge increase in pressure in the intake and more power is introduced when more fuel enters the combustion chamber. Many of the Silverado turbo kits are equipped with all of the materials needed to install them on your truck, including a fuel management system.

Turbochargers are simply compressors that are driven by the engine’s exhaust system. Even though this is a design that has become popular on newer vehicles, the original concept was invented in 1905 by a Swiss inventor decided to patent the world’s first turbocharger.

How Are Turbo Kits Installed?

Unless you are a professional, you should never attempt to install a turbo kit on your Silverado on your own. Typically, the installation can be completed within a week, but the exact amount of time will depend on any custom work that is necessary to complete the installation.

At Armageddon Turbo Systems we have certified installers around the United States, and can have your Chevy Silverado 5.3 twin turbo kit installed in just about any part of the United States.

The turbo kit will not replace any parts on your truck unless you decide to install a turbo upgrade kit.

Before installation, you will also need to consider the current condition of your truck. You will need to determine whether certain parts of the truck will be able to handle the power surge. These parts are:

  • The engine
  • The chassis parts
  • The driveline

The majority of aftermarket turbo kits on the market recommend that the psi should remain between 6 and 8 in order to prevent damage to the engine.

Silverado twin turbo kits are a great way to add power and improve fuel economy to your vehicle. With the whistle of the valve blowing open and the burst of power, would you be able to resist installing one on your truck?

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