Easy Upgrades to Increase the Resell Value of your Car

When it comes time to sell your new vehicle, you should try to set yourself apart from your competitors. The more effort you can put into making your vehicle look like it’s been meticulously cared for, the better you will fare in the mass market. That being said, sometimes the upgrades can be situational fixes that cover up some damage and maximize the beauty. This creates a higher title loan value for lenders to open their wallets because they don’t harbor on the negative aspects of the vehicle. Let’s consider some situational fixes in greater detail below.

Custom Floor Mats

If you have an unsightly stain on your carpet that just doesn’t seem to come out, you can have it professionally cleaned or increase the value with some laser-cut custom floor mats. Because it will probably cost more to clean the carpet, investing in the floor mats is the wiser choice. You can often order these floor mats and trunk protectors at your local auto parts store. They will laser-measure them for fit-quality and have them available for pickup, in any number of colors, the same day.

New Seat Covers

In other cases, you may just have some seats that don’t look so great. Adding some quality neoprene car seat covers that you can market as waterproof, fireproof, washable, and temperature-regulating can instantly bump up the value. Having some knowledge about what types of seat covers provide a functional boost, beyond the decorative choice, will increase the value and broaden the range of potential buyers. Adding canvas Hawaiian seat covers is probably a bad idea, by contrast, because it is a style that is only popular with a very small niche of people. It may actually detract from the value and give prospects who don’t like Hawaiian or the feel of canvas a bad first impression.


Are you lacking the infotainment that is found in newer models and finding it hard to sell your ride? It might be a good idea to install some valuable entertainment system upgrades. Drivers today love their SmartPhones and being able to integrate them with everything under the sun. If you have the technology already installed to demonstrate that your infotainment is even better than that found in newer models, this can go a long way towards closing the deal.

Paintless Dent Removal

Consumers don’t like to buy furniture with marks or even a slight bit of damage. Likewise, they can fool people that something is newer and more valuable than it really is to improve their image as a hard-working person by buying a car without damage. If you are going to lay down a lot of money on a vehicle, you don’t want other people to think negatively about your purchase.

In the very least, dings and dents in your car can lead to speculation about the costs of repairing the vehicle. If consumers are not familiar with paintless dent removal, they may not know how cheap or easy it is to fix a vehicle. The quality of repairs that can be made by adjusting deformed panels to naturally revert to their original state is pretty high for the price. You may even elect to mitigate damage from larger soft dents yourself by removing the panels and simply pushing them back out from the inside.

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