Motorists Could Benefit from Advanced Warning of Accidents and Incidents Ahead

Many motorists will be only too familiar with the frustration and stress that comes with getting stuck in heavy traffic due to an accident or incident that has taken place. For a lot of people, this could mean being late to appointments, work, or important social plans. However, there is little that can be done about incidents that drivers were unaware of when setting out.

However, this could all change thanks to modern technology. There are new technologically advanced features and systems coming to vehicles that automatically alerts the driver about accidents and traffic jams in real time, which means motorists can be alerted without having to wait for traffic reports on the news, by which time they may already be stuck in the traffic jam.

About This New Technology

According to an official from a firm of specialist personal injury lawyers, these new features could help to warn other motorists in the area about problems and incidents that have arisen, and this could help to reduce the risk of further accidents. When drivers have been stuck in traffic due to an accident or incident that has caused roadblocks, they are more likely to speed and drive carelessly when they do get past the obstacle, or get into rear end collisions during the frequent stop and go traffic as they will be in a rush to make up time. This could then lead to further incidents and accidents.

The system has been introduced by Mitsubishi Electric in collaboration with HERE, which is a navigation and mapping platform service provider. In order to provide advance warnings to motorists, the system uses the sensors of the vehicle along with positioning technology from Mitsubishi in order to provide information about traffic. This is done through the HERE platform. The information about accidents and incidents will be reported to the cloud-based platform and then other motorists in the area will be alerted.

The technology will enable motorists to see the exact location of traffic jams, accidents, and incidents along with any changes as they occur. It means that motorists can then plan ahead to choose another route, or they can change lanes or reduce their speed in order to reduce the risk of getting stuck or getting caught up in an accident. It can also help to reduce the risk of motorists being late for important meetings and events, as they are able to take steps to avoid the congestion. The alerts will be sent only to motorists driving in that area and who may be affected by the incident.

Reducing the Risk for Motorists and Passengers

In a recent news report, a senior officer from Mitsubishi Electric said that when an accident or incident occurs on the roads, motorists often have little time to react. He said that this then puts the motorist, their passengers, and other people on the road at risk. The executive went on to say that this technology could provide drivers with valuable extra time to prepare for dangers and emergencies ahead and to take an alternative route if necessary.

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