Reasonably Priced Ferrari’s Worth Considering in 2019

Car enthusiast or not, chances are there’s a Ferrari on everyone’s wishlist. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for their allure is the price tag they come with. You’d be lucky to find a newer generation model for anything less than a few hundred thousand pounds.

However, there are a variety of more affordable, older generation Ferrari’s that are still fast, gorgeous, and an absolute pleasure to own. You can split older Ferrari’s into two categories: modern and classic. As for which one is best, it largely depends on your preferences.

Do you want the timeless aesthetic of older models and are willing to pay the maintenance costs? Then a classic Ferrari may be your best bet. If you prefer a modern looking Ferrari and you aren’t concerned about its value only increasing much later down the line (or not at all), then a newer model is a wiser choice.

360 Modena

Launched back in 1999, the 360 Modena is powered by a 400hp V8 with one of the better exhaust notes of Ferrari’s from that time. It combines everyday usability and refinement with strong performance characteristics, making it a pretty versatile supercar. You can find the Modena with either a six-speed manual gearbox or F1 paddle shifter.

Thanks to the more modern technology and focus on reliability, you can expect to pay much less in maintenance costs than most other Ferrari’s. The Modena is widely considered to be much easier to drive than previous generations, with fast and accurate steering and a more rigid body.

328 GTS

The 328 GTS was produced between 1986 and 1989, putting it into the classics category. Its smooth, elegant lines and roaring 3.2L V8 still hold strong today and you can pick one up for less than most modern entry-level luxury cars. With an open top design and 270hp behind the wheels, the 328 GTS offers a thrilling ride, time and time again.


Produced between 2004 and 2009, the F430 is one of the most iconic Ferraris to date. When it was first reviewed, Top Gear called it the best car in the world. To this day, the F430 still looks and feels as fast and exotic as it was back in the 2000’s. You can still expect a clean balance between power and comfort, making it viable for everyday use.

The F430 is perhaps best known for its performance. Reviewers raved about its fantastic straight-line performance and engaging handling. Like any used Ferrari, your main challenge would be finding one. Fortunately, H.R. Owen London has a variety of great used Ferraris on offer, including an excellent F430 Coupe, so be sure to check them out.


If none of these tickle your fancy, consider the Mondial and Testarossa in the classic’s category, while those looking for a modern Ferrari can consider the 599 GTB, 575M Maranello and California. Regardless of what car you end up holding the keys to, you’re set for plenty of good times and true pride in owning a legendary piece of craftsmanship.

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