DAF XF and CF Win Prestigious 2019 Truck Awards

DAF Trucks is a global leader in the development of innovative solutions for the trucking industry. Since its inception in 1928 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, DAF has constantly pushed the boundaries of heavy-duty truck technology. 

DAF’s ethos is focused on delivering quality and value for their customers. This work ethic has enabled DAF to keep raising the standards of the transport industry worldwide. Continuous innovation has kept the company at the forefront of heavy-duty vehicle innovation for the last 90 years.

DAF in Australia

DAF Trucks N. V. was bought by PACCAR Inc. in 1996. PACCAR also owns other trucking companies such as Kenworth and Peterbilt. It is also a major distributor of aftermarket parts for European trucks.

In 1998, PACCAR Australia started importing DAF trucks. The company has now imported more than 4,000 heavy-duty trucks into the country.

DAF built on its innovative identity to develop new solutions inspired by Australia’s harsh trucking environment. DAF now offers it’s most versatile truck ranges that thrive in the Australian environment; they are the DAF LF, CF and XF truck series.

The 2019 Truck Awards

DAF already has several clever patents to its name. Yet, the company is still collecting accolades for innovations in the Trucking industry. This year, DAF has won two major European truck awards. The first award was issued in Germany while the second was issued in the UK. The specific awards and their descriptions are listed below.

i) Fleet Truck Of The Year 2019

The XF series is DAF’s flagship truck. It is built for long haul excellence and offers DAF’s best driver comfort and safety features. The DAF XF won this year’s MT Fleet Truck of the Year award, in the UK.

The judges issued the award to the DAF XF based on the truck’s value for money and residual values. They were also impressed by the truck’s ergonomic cab as well as DAF’s exemplary after-sales support systems. Since 1986, the MT Fleet Truck of the year award has been issued annually. The DAF Trucks Company has now won the award 18 times.

ii) The 2019 Green Truck Logistics Solution 

The trucking industry is embracing electrical vehicles and as usual, DAF is leading the way in innovation. The DAF CF Electric truck was crowned the ‘2019 Green Truck Logistics Solution’ at the Transport Logistics fair in Munich, Germany. This award is issued in support of upcoming technologies that have the potential to deliver innovative sustainable logistics around Europe.

DAF’s 100% electric truck innovation was demonstrated with the help of a container logistics company, Contargo. The company used two 37 tonne DAF CF Electric trucks to move containers to and from the inland German port of Duisburg. 

The DAF CF Electric truck demonstrated an impressive quick charge capability of 30 minutes and full charge of 90 minutes.  The DAF CF Electric is equipped with an intelligent 210 kW powertrain and a 170 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. 

DAF has built a reputation as one of the most revolutionary truck manufacturing companies in the world. The two awards exhibit DAF’s consistency and dedication to spur the growth of the trucking industry. On one front, the company is improving the existing technology of the conventional DAF XF truck. Yet, the company is also shaping the future with its fully electric DAF CF truck.

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