Why You Should Consider an Aftermarket Exhaust for Your Car

Even when it comes to custom performance systems, exhausts are often overlooked. With the current focus on high-tech features, many manufacturers are installing basic exhaust systems without so much as a second thought because their enhancement focus is elsewhere. However, a proper and effective exhaust system is critical to the overall performance of your car, so choosing an aftermarket exhaust can bring with it a number of benefits. 

Some of the most common reasons for upgrading to an aftermarket model are the same things people seek when making performance upgrades: sound, horsepower, and fuel economy. Keep reading to learn more about the perks of aftermarket exhausts. 

Power Boost

These systems are designed to offer better airflow with larger piping and higher-grade tubing, as well as a more effective design. This helps the engine breathe better, allowing it to get more airflow and increase the overall engine power at the top end. Depending on the type of car that you’re upgrading and the exhaust that you choose, the exact boost will vary, but you should definitely see an increase in your torque and horsepower. 

Better Sound

If you’re looking for a performance that also turns heads, an aftermarket exhaust system is going to give your car a much nicer sound. Modern exhausts aren’t loud in an obnoxious way like they used to be, either. They’re only slightly louder than standard exhausts until you hit the gas and they give a little growl. You’ll know a good aftermarket exhaust when you hear one. 

Fuel Economy

When you have more torque, you’re using less throttle to maintain speed, which means you’re burning less fuel. Although exact results will vary, there’s generally about a five percent increase in your fuel economy with a new exhaust. 

Longer Lifespan

Factory exhausts are generally made of cheaper materials, which mean they will wear out faster and need a lot more repairs. Aftermarket systems are designed with higher-grade steel that is designed to last much longer. Some systems can even last as long as the life of the entire vehicle, which is much more than you’ll get from any standard exhaust system. 

Upgrading All the Exhaust Parts

Keep in mind that your exhaust system includes a lot of piping and parts. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a performance cylinder head, as well as an exhaust manifold. Then, choose a premium catalytic converter and a solid muffler, along with pipes that show as much as they tell. You’ll love the finished look and your car will appreciate the upgrade in more ways than you know. 

Make sure that you’re choosing parts and setups that are street legal, whether you’re upgrading your everyday car or a hobby street ride. Straight pipes are nice, but they’re only legal on the track, for example. Make sure that you choose a system that is appropriately sized for your vehicle, not only so that it gives you the best performance, but it will also look a lot better. An aftermarket exhaust should definitely be on your list of performance upgrades, for these reasons and so many more.

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