5 Important Tips For the Shipment of a Car

Shipping a car can be an expensive and risky process. However, if you’re moving interstate, it’s probably a necessary step that you will need to take as a part of your move. As a car owner, you want to ensure your car is looked after and arrives at its location safely and quickly. To give you the peace of mind you need, we’ve compiled five important tips for the shipment of your car. Read on to learn about how the process works. 

1) Do your research

The biggest complaint that people make after having their car transported is that they were not impressed by the service and handling of their car. The last thing you want is a horror story of your own. Finding a reputable car transport company should be at the top of your list. There are a few places you can search. First, ask family and friends if they’ve had any great experiences. Second, scope the web and read customer reviews. Third, once you’ve found a few car shippers that you like, ask them for quotes online or over the phone. You may be surprised to find out that sometimes the best rates are in winter, when there are less people moving homes and transporting their cars. 

2) Check your insurance coverage

Unfortunately, cars do get damaged from time to time during the moving process. So to keep your car and your bank account protected, it’s important to make sure you have good insurance coverage. First, check your own insurance policy, and then find out exactly what insurance coverage the shipping company has. Remember to never agree to hand over your car to a company if you don’t understand their policy! 

3) Plan your timeline

Shipping a car is not as simple as posting a package. Cars are expensive, bulky and slow to move. Did you know that domestic deliveries can take up to a month? And sending a car internationally can take up to two months! This means that you will need to plan your shipping well in advance. To be safe start planning out your timeline two months in advance for domestic deliveries, and three-to-four months in advance for international shipments. Make sure you factor in any unforeseen delays that could pop up. And if your car is going to arrive at your location before you do, make sure you arrange for someone to pick it up for you. 

4) Covered or uncovered?

The next consideration is whether you want to cover your car during transit. While keeping your car uncovered can be a much cheaper option, it also leaves your car open to the elements. Covering your car will prevent unwanted dents, scratches or dirt, but it can also cost up to 60 percent more than the uncovered alternative. If you’re shipping a luxury, classic, or vintage car, you may want to pay the extra to ensure your car gets first place on top of the trailer, away from the road or any fluids that could leak from other cars. 

Another thing to take into mind is whether or not you want to use chains to secure your vehicle. The negative to chains is that they are placed over your vehicle’s axle, which can put a lot of strain on your car if they are tightened. However, if chains are too loose, they can bang up against the car. As an alternative to chains, you can consider nylon straps which will keep your care firm and secure during its trip. 

5) Inspect your vehicle

While the shipping company will perform a routine check of your car when you drop it off and when you pick it up, it’s really important that you do your own check. Before you agree to the assessor’s report, you should look over every part of your car, making note of any existing dents or scratches. You may even want to take your own photos, so you can compare them when your car reaches its location. Remember, never sign an assessor’s report unless you’re satisfied with their findings. If, for any reason, your car has incurred damage, you can begin the process of repair at the shipping company’s expense. 

There you have it – five important tips for the shipment of a car. If you follow these simple steps, you can be confident that your car will arrive safely, and on time, at its location. 

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