7 Important Things to Know Before Customising Your Vehicle

Having a customised vehicle can be a very delightful experience as many vehicle producers do not fulfil the unique desires or preferences that you may have for your vehicle. However, customisations may put your vehicle at risk. Moreover, these customisations can lead to nonconformity or leave a permanent defect to your vehicle.

So, before taking your vehicle out for a transformation that you require, you might want to research on the latest features in the market. Whereas of today, custom defender v8 has been the apple of every Land Rover owner’s eye.

Voiding the Warranty

Just know that even if the warranty allows such customisations, it may likely get voided. It means that the manufacturer won’t be responsible if any damage or defect to your vehicle occurs or in any case of mechanical malfunctioning. While under the warranty, your repair costs can be catered for or even your vehicle can get replaced with a new one.


As some laws govern customisations, so, it is a good thing to take care of the laws that your customisations come under. You should completely know about the customisations that are allowed under your jurisdiction. This is a serious fact to be taken into consideration or the very next minute, you can easily find yourself behind the bars.


As any vehicle after getting manufactured completely passes a variety of safety tests so that you are able to stay alive with your fully functioning body parts. However, this fact is also of paramount importance that the alterations that you are going to make to braking systems, ground clearance, suspensions, etc., you are intervening with the vehicle’s performance, steadiness, and stability. Always do it under the umbrella of an expert.


The customisation of panels, cutting out parts, replacing some parts and drilling holes; these things can affect the longevity of your vehicle as intervening with the panel can introduce some weak points in your vehicle and the new parts may not adjust with your vehicle.

Lift Kits

While installing a lift kit on your vehicle, it is mandatory that you know it might intervene with your vehicle’s suspension. Even the smallest alteration in your suspension can cause the tires of your vehicle to wear out or it can cause any other damage. Moreover, the lift kit might interfere with software and electronic modules installed in your vehicle.


Customising your vehicle’s electronics like lighting systems, alarms, Bluetooth systems, sound systems, etc., can cause malfunctioning in the software modules. If the installation is not done properly, it can cause some serious and severe electrical and electronic issues in your vehicle. So, think four times before going ahead with your desired customisations.


Customising your vehicle’s rims or widening your tires may affect your vehicle’s alignment and suspension badly; that can be caused by aftermarket rims and tires. Aftermarket rims and tires can cause tires to wear prematurely if the size does not fit after the customisation. Make sure that the rims and tires of your vehicle are of correct size when you are customising them.

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