Top Foodie Destinations in USA This 2020

Have you ever wondered when planning a vacation or an out-of-town trip, we also include in our itinerary restaurants to visit and dishes to try? It might be because no matter where we travel, no matter where our adventure takes us, food is a central part of our experience! 

A nutrition program even claims that being a Foodie can make you more fit, as foodies love to learn about food and care what they eat! They are eager to try new and unusual things and appreciate the flavor! So if you’re ready to be a foodie or you’re in for your next food trip, here are top foodie destinations in the USA this 2020, in no particular order!

Houston, Texas

The culinary staples in this area, the Tex-Mex and barbecue, is a must-try. Some of the notable restaurants to visit are the M&M Grill, Picos Restaurant, Pappasito’s Cantina and The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation. And while it has various barbecue joints, some of the recommended spots are Jackson Street BBQ, Killen’s Texas Barbecue, and Gatlin’s BBQ. But there are other culinary offerings in this city, from buffets to fine dining, and diverse cuisine of Cajun, Japanese and French, to name a few. 

Newark, New Jersey

This busy city is full of restaurants awaiting the eager foodie from soul food, Italian to Asian fusion. If you happen to take a flight from or if you are arriving at Newark airport, you may want to tour the city and try its splendid culinary culture. Since Newark airport is one of the three major airports serving the New York tri-state area you may want to avail of EWR long term parking. Long term parking enables you to the convenience of leaving your vehicle before leaving for a flight while ensuring your vehicle’s safety. You’re sure that your car awaits you from your return and that you have time to tour the city to visit Newark’s fashionable restaurants and fine dining venues such as Smitty & Mo’s,  Elbow Room, Blueprint Cafe, Mompou, 27 Mix, and Vonda’s Kitchen, among others.  

Portland, Oregon

A must-see destination in the Pacific Northwest, with various craft breweries and a diverse food scene. Although a small town, it is overflowing with fabulous restaurants, food carts, and trucks. The popular Maine Lobster is served in most restaurants but in varying and unexpected ways. If you intend to learn more about Portland’s culinary scene, you may want to book a food tour such as those offered by Forktown Food Tours.

San Francisco, California

This city has astonishing sights and world-class cuisine. It is one of the four cities in the USA having a guide for Michelin-starred restaurants in the area. Seafood restaurants are abundant as well as neighborhoods that specialize in international cuisine. Visit The North beach for a feel of Italy, Chinatown for Chinese delicacies, and The Mission for Mexican food.  Just note that with its vast dining scene and numerous restaurant openings, the “next big place to eat” changes rather quickly. 

New York City, New York

The Big Apple is one of the busiest, coolest and crowded cities. But it is also considered by most food experts as the epicenter and where food trends begin.  Because of the diverse dishes, its vast array of fine dining scenes and 93 Michelin stars, it is truly one foodie destination. You may start your food escapade with pizza and bagels, two of NY’s staples and then move to its open-air markets like Smorgasburg, Chelsea Market, Gotham West Market, and Essex Market to have a taste of everything.

The cities listed above are just some of the many foodie destinations you can visit in the USA.  You may also visit Los Angeles for its vegetarian and vegan scene, Orlando for its abundant fast-food joints, Las Vegas for its overwhelming buffets, or Tampa to try its evolving food culture along with its craft-beer!  Whichever city you choose, just savor the food, the culture and the experience that each city provides. 

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