Crashed Your Muscle Car, Now What?

After taking your classic muscle car out for a Sunday drive, you turn into the main road around the corner from your home and another vehicle comes speeding at you and smashes right into the side of your classic beauty.

The beauty of a vehicle you’ve been working hard on restoring is now damaged. The shiny cherry black paint has been scraped off, revealing the metal underneath. A huge hole is now on the side of your door. “What do I do know?” you may ask yourself.

It’s a sad thought. Unfortunately, it’s a thought that many of us have experienced first hand.

There are guidelines to follow in a regular accident setting and these same guidelines apply to accidents with classics involved.

Pullover and Check for Injuries

After the accident, pull over the vehicle safely and make sure to first check yourself and your passengers for any visible injuries. From there, you move to the other vehicle involved and check for injuries of any people inside the vehicle.

If any person is injured, immediately call 911. The operator will provide step by step instructions to assist you in helping the injured until a medical team arrives.

Report to Authorities

The accident must be reported to the police. By law, anyone involved in the accident must remain on the scene until the police arrive. Once the boys in blue arrive, you will file a report of the accident.

Exchange Information

According to Dallas personal injury lawyers, make sure to exchange all information with the other driver involved in the accident. This is the minimum information to get from the other driver:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license

If serious injuries occurred during the accident and you can’t get the information required, you can work with car accident lawyers. They can assist you with gathering information and evidence and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are seriously injured you will likely be waiting for an ambulance to arrive and help you.  When you have minor injuries, you can still follow the guidelines as mentioned above. 

After treatment is administered, gather all your medical reports and auto body repair invoices to prove the damage that was caused by the accident. 

Dealing with The Aftermath

Make sure to notify your insurance company to recover compensation for damages. There are many insurance companies that insure classic muscle cars as well as newer model muscle cars.

Even though you might not be at fault, you have to report the accident to your insurance company. You may have coverage for personal injuries to assist with medical expenses. Even though you may think that you do not require a lawyer, it’s always best to get assistance with your car accident case. Employing car accident lawyers should be a no-brainer because they typically require no up-front payment.

Last Words

Being in an accident is never fun. It might have been fun and games leading up to the accident but the result may leave you injured or worse and your classic muscle car may be damaged beyond repair.

Your safety is more important than recklessly flashing your muscle car and ending up in a wheelchair. You also don’t want to be the next YouTube muscle car fail hit, do you? So, when you’re the one behind the wheel, drive defensively and you’ll hopefully avoid these unfortunate consequences. 

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