10 Cars Most Loved by Women

On the surface, both men and women would cherish the chance to own a car; it could be any car. But when we delve deeper, they exhibit contrasting tastes when it comes to car preferences. Women are presumed to love delicate things. You will find them going for smaller cars. For most, their most pressing needs are what determine the type of car they go for. Men, on the other hand, prefer cars that they can show-off, the bigger the better.

To bridge the gap between manufacturers and their clients, most manufacturers participate in car shows. Las Vegas, in particular, is a major host of car shows. Major car brands use local trade show suppliers in Las Vegas to design innovative display booths for unveiling models that appeal to their female demographic.

Before diving into the cars most loved by women, we need first to explore what women want in a car. Here are some of the factors that will make a woman choose one car over the other one.

What Women Look for in A Car

  • Passenger Capacity: Most women handle the daily errands in the house, from shopping to picking kids from school. For these women, having a car with enough space is a big determiner when choosing a car.
  • Safety: When it comes to picking cars, women tend to worry more about safety than men. A car with the best safety features such as collision warnings, airbags, and such is considered essential.
  • Performance: Here, women prefer a car that does exactly as advertised. The last thing women want is having to make trips to the mechanic every week or a vehicle that is poor at utilizing fuel.

So, here is a list of the car models preferred by women in regard to the qualities mentioned above.

Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson has had a 66.2% inquiry rate by women. Costing around $16,000, the Tucson is a crossover SUV that is packed with enough space to seat 5 adults comfortably. The interior is aesthetically designed with a quality solid build. 

Like most modern cars, the Tucson comes with navigation capabilities. Other features include climate controls, a 7-inch touch screen, a satellite radio, and a panoramic sunroof. It has a 161-horsepower engine powered by a 2.4-liter tank.

Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa costs an average of about $12,000. It is a mini-hatchback loved primarily by women looking to purchase their first car. The car is spacious enough to accommodate five passengers with room to spare for some luggage in the trunk. 

It has an appealing interior that is delicately designed with leather-covered seats. Although the engine is a little bit weak, it has a smooth transmission and is quite economical with fuel. The newest models have impressive safety features like a 360-degree view.

The Versa has a 122-horsepower engine and a 1.6-liter tank. It also has a five-speed manual transmission with an optional continuous variable automatic transmission.

KIA Forte

The KIA Forte comes in two versions, sedan and hatchback. Costing between $17,000 and $30,000, the car packs an impressive engine with 201 horsepower and 1.6-litre tank. The car is spacious, accommodating five adults, and is best suited for long-distance travel. 

The car has comfortable seats, a friendly dashboard, and a highly intuitive infotainment system. The newest models come with a lot of legroom and cargo space at the back compared to older models.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta has withstood the test of time has been around since 1976. The most recent model is the seventh generation and is a far cry from the previous versions. The car is offered either as a four-door hatchback or a sedan, and both are impressive.

The car has a comfortable and spacious interior and is laden with modern tech. OIt costs about $13,000 and has had a 62% inquiry rate by women. The Ford Fiesta is loved by many because of its longevity. It has a sturdy build that withstands the harshest of conditions a car can experience on the road in most climates.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The biggest car on this list so far. The Mitsubishi Outlander is the king of space. It has seven seats (some models come with 5) with a spacious cabin and luggage space for long-distance travel. The stylish car also boasts of advanced safety features and the latest tech in the market.

The car has been designed specifically for prominent families. The 2nd and 3rd-row seats can be rearranged quickly as they have reclining seatbacks. The luggage room can also be extended by folding up all the rear seats.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a sleek and stylish sedan that can accommodate five people comfortably. It is loved for its efficiency, safety, and reliability. The icing on the cake is the price. At only $18,000, you can enjoy features that can only be found in costlier cars.

It has a 2-liter four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower. The Honda Civic is economical with fuel, which is expected owing to its small size. Like other modern cars, the Civic is equipped with all the latest technology that ensures the car runs smoothly without any hitch.

Jeep Patriot

Another SUV that makes the list. The Jeep Patriot is more muscle than style, but it makes up for that with its versatility. For a car that big, the Jeep is surprisingly cheap, costing about $15,000. As you have correctly guessed, the car comes with a spacious cabin that can accommodate five people.

The car packs a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 178-horsepower. It has both a manual and automatic transmission to choose from. Do not let the boxy appearance fool you; the car is more comfortable than it looks.

The Bottom Line

Practically speaking, cars have no genders. Anyone with a driving license can drive any car they want. But there is no denying the differences in personal preferences between men and women. 

For most women, the things that influence their choices are not limited to just what they desire. It has a lot to do with the people in their lives. They have to consider the maximum convenience that the car affords them so that they can handle more at once. A vehicle that satisfies your needs makes your life easier.

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