New Driver? Here’s What You Should Do Now

There’s nothing better than pulling into the test centre and being told that you’ve successfully passed your test. Congratulations. Months and possibly years of hard work, training and perseverance has finally paid off! 

Your mind is probably all over the place right now, you’re excited to tell your friends and family about your latest achievement. But you need to slow down. There’s a lot to take in right now and there’s a lot to consider before you hit those Australian roads independently for the first time. Here we’ll explore your next steps as a newly qualified driver.

You need to think about insurance 

You’re probably eager to hit the car showroom and purchase your first car, however you need to consider your insurance first. As a new driver your premiums will be higher than more established drivers, so keeping those payments down as much as possible is important. You need to decide what kind of coverage is right for you and your requirements – if you’re in Australia, you can select a comprehensive car insurance policy here, just click the link for more information. Think about purchasing a vehicle with a small engine and being added to another family members’ policy to keep premiums down.

Take on feedback

When you passed your test, your instructor or examiner will have given you some pointers about your performance and how you can improve your driving in the future. Your head might be feeling a little overwhelmed at this point, but you should pay attention. Remember to apply this advice when you’re out on the road. 

Register your vehicle 

When you have the car you want, don’t forget to register it. This document identifies your vehicle and registers it with whatever state or territory you reside in. There’s a monthly fee that you’ll need to budget for to keep your car registered and on the road legally in Australia. This fee varies from state to state and whether you’re in rural or built-up areas.

Take someone with you

That first independent drive is what you’ve been waiting for, however, as a new driver it makes sense to take someone along with you for support. There may be a significant time between the day you pass your test and the day you get your first car, get it registered and insured, so your confidence may be a little shaken the next time you get behind the wheel. Taking someone along for the journey (preferably someone who can also drive) will give you the boost you need.

Be wary of friends

Being the one in your friendship group that can drive comes with a lot of responsibility. It also means that some friends may try to take advantage of you. Being expected to drive everywhere and whenever your friends want isn’t ideal. Not to mention the cost of fuel! Try not to feel pressured into becoming your mates’ personal taxi driver. And don’t allow distracting behaviour whilst you’re driving!

Final thoughts…

There’s so much to consider when you’ve just passed your test. Make sure you’re fully insured before you hit the road and remember your driver training.

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