Interesting Reasons Why People Choose Motorcycles Over Cars

Have you ever wondered why so many people choose motorcycles over cars? Or has it ever crossed your mind that maybe you’d prefer the thrill and exhilaration of a motorcycle rather than a more typical mode of transport? 

Of course, a car is more beneficial if the weather is poor, and you don’t have to worry about wearing all the right safety gear in case you have an accident. Motorcyclists are victim to much higher fatalities on the roads, especially where larger vehicles like trucks are involved – call and speak with a Newark truck accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in a road crash that could have been avoided. However, motorcycles continue to have a draw that has charmed men and women of all ages for decades. Read on for some interesting reason why people choose motorcycles over cars. 

It could save you money

As far as mileage and gas are concerned, if you’re a regular commuter then a motorcycle could save you a lot more money than you think. If you’re trying to budget or keep your monthly costs low then opting for a motorcycle over a traditional vehicle could the travel solution you’ve been looking for.

They’re just more fun!

Sure, you can sit comfortably in a car, staring out the window whilst you’re stuck in traffic on the way to work, or at the weekend. Yet, when you’re on a bike getting from A to B is much more fun. You get the exhilaration of driving at a (legal) speed that you just don’t get in a car, you can move quicker, you’re nimbler, and you can enjoy the great weather and everything around you! 

The social aspect

Biking is a community. And a strong one at that. You’ll find thousands of motorcycle enthusiast up and down the country, with many of them arranging meetups, road trips through stunning countryside and highways, offering advice and guidance for riders old and new, and not forgetting a strong online community in the form of blogs, forums and social media groups. Riding a motorcycle means making friends for life.

They’re much easier to park

No need to worry about parallel or bay parking when you have a motorcycle. No issues with finding somewhere to park or having to beat other drivers for the last space in the parking lot. No one enjoys parking their car, it’s stressful and frustrating – it’s also more likely that another motorist will damage your vehicle as they try to park their own! When you have a motorcycle, parking is simple. You can use dedicated spaces, or simply park up anywhere you want and lock your bike in place. 

And finally, they look great

If you’re into aesthetics, then riding a motorcycle will certainly tick all the right boxes. Motorcycles are sleek, fast and have a stunning aesthetic that can be customized in colour, style and accessories. Not forgetting flattering leathers and safety gear. If you’d rather look great on your shiny motorcycle as you seamlessly move through traffic or as you ride down the interstate with the wind in your hair, then choosing a motorcycle over a car makes sense.  

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