Awesome Upgrades Every Music Lover Should Have In Their Car

If you’re a music lover, then you realize the value of the quality of the music that you listen to. Low audio quality can result in low frequency, no bass control, and no harmony, which would make your favorite track sound surprisingly disturbing. It is no surprise for any music lover that low audio quality can rob you of the pleasures of listening to music, which is a real bummer. This is why you should read through our article for awesome upgrades that every music lover should install in their car.


Adjustments can counteract different sounds if you don’t do them smartly. Make sure that your equipment is actually advanced enough to support your desired sound adjustment. For instance, if you want to turn up the bass with equipment that is not very sophisticated, the sound of your audio or music will come out sounding distorted. What you would want to do in that case is turn the treble and the mid-tones down and turn up the audio volume while leaving the bass as is. This will produce more bass, preventing any distortions from occurring. Keep in mind the fact that you must consider different sound aspects and adjustments before doing anything. 

Quality Speakers and In-Dash Radio

You should invest in quality speakers. If your car is a little old, the chances are that its speakers are literally made out of paper. Speakers are not very costly, and you can get quality ones at reasonable prices. Any quality speakers you install would definitely make a big difference, considering that your car speakers are possibly made from actual paper. A newer, upgraded in-dash radio will guarantee better, cleaner sound. You can look up guides for wiring in order to make the installation process a tad easier. If your in-dash radio doesn’t already offer this feature, you can get one that pairs with your phone’s Bluetooth so that you can play your choice of music on command. If you don’t want to change your in-dash radio but still wish you had the Bluetooth feature, you can buy a Bluetooth compatible receiver that will transmit via FM frequencies, work on any in-dash radio, and allow you to play music from your playlists. 


Turning up the volume on your regular speakers can also produce unwanted distortions in your music. In order to avoid that, and to improve the quality of your music, you should invest in amplifiers. Amplifiers produce a much cleaner, and crisp sound. It will leave you amazed by how you can listen to each sound, each vocal, and each note produced by every instrument. They are absolutely worth installing. 

Music Files and Phone Settings

On upgraded audio systems, ultra compressed MP3 music files can never transmit the real depth and all the highs and lows present in the music. Your music will sound flat if you use audio files that are already poor in quality. If you are using your phone to play the music, you can adjust the sounds from your settings through the music and EQ headings. This option is also offered by some music platform apps, if you are not using your phone’s music app. Some other apps are made specifically to adjust the timing in each audio channel, and to improve your music listening experience further. 

Noise Cancellation and Deadening

External and background noises like the sound of the engines, traffic, and other cars will definitely affect your ability to listen to music. External noise will always affect the quality of your music, and this is why you should consider soundproof mats that can be applied to different parts of your car that most likely let all the noise in, like door panels. 

 Music lovers can distinguish good quality music audio from bad ones. Since, to them, listening to music can be the highlight of their day, a way to create diversions, a method of relaxation, or a means to let off some steam, it can be almost sanctifying. For this specific reason, they would want to make the best out of their music listening and savoring the experience. It may not be something that everyone understands, but extremely good quality music can be very exciting and uplifting, and poor quality music audio can be an instant mood killer. It would be purely joyful if any music lover were to achieve awesome quality music audio all the time, whenever they please. Therefore, we decided to write this article providing music lovers with all must-have upgrades and tactics to install and implement in their car for much-improved music audio. 

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