The Groundbreaking Technology On Motorsport’s Horizon

Motorsport has followed what other sports have done to innovate how the sport develops in the future. Punters on Betway sports betting and fans around the globe will no longer see the fuel guzzlers. The sport is now graced by hybrid and electric engines as the stakeholders move towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

As a result of the innovations geared towards being friendlier to the environment, Formula E is spreading fast. Alejandro Agag is quoted as saying that the future of motorsport lies with engines powered by renewable energy. The hybrid technology is expected to hit the World Rally Championship come 2022. This will be the most significant change in the regulations since the inception of Group A in 1987. 

Ford is Behind the WRC Hybrid Technology

The Ford-powered M-Sport rally team is driving the hybrid technology. The four-month break because of the pandemic came as a blessing in disguise. During the hiatus, Ford and the group embarked on working on the hybrid technology and fine-tuning the details. 

Ford Engineers provide the technology, work, and improvement of the hybrid designs to make the dream a reality. The M-Sport team heavily relies on Ford and its resources. 

Expect Hydrogen Power in 2024

Another championship rethinking their technology is the 24 Hours of Le Mans and its inventor Pierre Fillon who is also the president of Automobile Club de l’Ouest. They are working on Mission H24, which plans to run on hydrogen-powered engines in the 2024 race. Motorsport fans and punters on Betway should brace themselves for an enjoyable, greener future. 

Le Mans has been at the forefront of significant technological advancements in the motorsport industry. Some of their best innovations include the introduction of brake disks and the quartz iodine headlamps. 

According to Fillon, they have been refining the hydrogen technology since 2017. They also recognize that they will need a transition period towards zero-emission technology.  

Projekt E

Projeckt E is the electric version of the classic Rallycross. They are the latest entrants in electric racing. The project has been in the pipeline for some time now. Engineers have worked on the project for over ten years with the backing of Ford. The project’s primary goal is to understand the batteries’ configuration and capabilities in electric cars. 

Electric Flying Cars

The Airspeeder is another technology being explored to produce flying car racing series. Motorsport punters on Betway will soon have an additional market to stake on. Mathew Pearson, the founder and CEO, expressed confidence in their ability to offer flying taxis in the near future.

Motorsport fanatics should expect to see the test drive of the inaugural Airspeeder in 2021. Reports from the CEO suggest that in 2021, fans could be treated to the first pilot-led flight. The Airspeeder will race on electric technology only as motorsport takes a step away from fossil fuels.

Bottom Line

The future motorsport technologies are all geared towards a greener and more sustainable future. Fans should expect a significant shift in the next five years. The presence of big players in the industry like Ford, M-Sport, and Airspeeder means that industry experts are driving motorsport’s future.

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