The Cheapest Method for a Cross Country Car Transport: 3 Options to Consider

If you are preparing for a cross country move, you likely have thought about the idea of shipping your car instead of attempting the drive yourself. A cross country car transport can be pricey and it’s good to know if there are ways to get a cheaper price.  

If you have considered driving your car cross country, you may want to think again. The costs can quickly start adding up between gas, lodging, and food along your way. While it may seem cheaper overall, it’s important to take into consideration all the factors that go into driving your own car. 

Driving your own car will also put a large spike in your total mileage. Adding in potential wear and tear along the way and you can quickly see why doing the drive yourself isn’t the most feasible option. 

When you’ve made the decision to have your car transported, you can begin to look into the various ways to get it to its next destination. Knowing a few options on finding the cheapest method for cross country car transport will be more cost-effective for you in the long run. 

Ship it in the Off-Season

Shipping a car typically costs an average of $710. The price will vary depending on the size of your car, how far it is going and which type of truck will carry it. The first way to help reduce the price of your transport is to take into consideration when you will ship it. 

If you don’t have a specific timeline to ship your car, consider holding off the transport until a different time of year. Not only does the time of year affect how much it will cost to transport your car, but so does the weather. 

The car transport business is not as consistent in the winter, so you likely will have no problem with booking your transport. You can often even get a good deal because of it. You will need to be prepared to have some flexibility because the weather can lead to delays in the arrival date of your car. 

Shipping your car in the summer will be quicker but it will likely cost you more. Summer tends to be the busiest time of year to move and for car transport. Summer weather is ideal for drivers and because cars can get to their final destination faster, people will sometimes end up paying a premium during this time of year. 

Have a Flexible Schedule

If you have a tight schedule, you likely will end up spending more money when you ship your car. Even a little flexibility in your schedule can help cut the cost of transport. It is possible to save money if you can be open about when your car is picked up and dropped off. 

There are busier days of the week for a driver to deliver his load. Their first delivery is going to be at more of a premium. Not having to be the first car delivered off the truck will help your overall budget. 

On top of that, if you live in a remote area, it will cost more for the driver to come to you. If you can drive to a more convenient location for your driver, it will likely help take a percentage off the cost. It may just involve driving 30 minutes to the closest big city. 

When it comes to the arrival of your car, flexibility is key. If you only have a 1 or 2-day window when you want to receive it, you are going to be spending more. If you don’t think you will be able to receive your car when it arrives, consider having a friend or family member pick it up for you. 

Choose an Open Transport Carrier

Shipping your car via an open transport carrier can provide a cheaper option for you. An enclosed car transport carrier will likely cost you several hundred dollars more. The open carriers have the capability of fitting more cars at a time which is why a transport company can offer lower prices. 

An open transport carrier can usually carry up to ten cars on it. While it doesn’t have a roof to it, it keeps your car protected with safeguards and special equipment. Drivers carefully drive the cars up the ramp and securely attach them down once parked. 

You can feel confident when shipping your car in an open transport carrier. Drivers have years of experience and take great care when transporting your car. 

A more expensive mode of shipping is using an enclosed carrier truck. Trucks with a complete enclosure can only fit a couple of cars at a time and, therefore, is going to increase the price of shipping. 

An enclosed carrier truck is really only necessary if you are shipping antique or exotic type cars. While it’s nice to protect your car from the elements of the highway, it’s unlikely your car will receive any damage in an open carrier truck. 

Ready for Your Transport

As you are researching shipping companies and looking for the cheapest deal, remember the amount of work your truck driver is going through. Long days on the road and driving thousands of miles isn’t going to cost pennies. 

While saving money is always a good thing, you shouldn’t just jump at the first company with a cheap deal. Hiring a reputable car transport company can provide a smooth, safe move for getting your car cross country. You can be ensured the driver transporting your car is taking great care on their journey cross country. 

Having some flexibility in your schedule will help you save time, money, and energy. It’s not necessary for your transport to put a large hole in your wallet. Knowing the cheapest methods for a cross country car transport will ensure you are getting the best possible deal. 

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