Can a Pedestrian Hit By a Car Get Compensation

It is extremely traumatic when a person is out for a walk or a run and they are hit by a car. A struck pedestrian can suffer serious injuries and may not be able to work due to their injury, which would result in financial hardship. The trauma of the event may cause psychological or emotional issues that can make it difficult for the victim to complete normal daily tasks such as dressing or bathing or caring for their family. They may also notice changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits and may experience more anxiety.

Pedestrians who have been struck by a car should consider filing a personal injury claim to get the compensation they deserve.

What Rights Pedestrians Have

Each state has their own laws regarding crosswalks, but many of them are similar. In general, the following are seen as rights that many states recognize that pedestrians have the right of way on crosswalks. Drivers cannot drive around or cut off a pedestrian in a crosswalk even if there’s room to squeeze around them, and there are other protections written in many state laws.

But just because a pedestrian is on a crosswalk doesn’t mean they always have the right of way. And you may not get as much in damages if you are partially responsible for the accident. If you entered the intersection while texting, jaywalking or while you had the “Do Not Walk” signal, then depending on which state you live in you may see a percentage of your compensation reduced by the amount of fault you share for the accident.

What To Do After An Accident

According to The Pendergrass Law Firm, there are some necessary steps that you must take after you have been hit by a vehicle.

  • Seek medical attention: This is important in order to claim damages.
  • Take note of your injuries and note details such as whether or not you are bleeding, if any of your clothes are torn and what parts of your body are in most pain
  • Call the police. Your insurance company or your attorney will require you to provide a copy of the police report the document of the accident
  • Do not discuss who is at fault while at the scene of the accident or with the motorist insurance company

After you have been released from the hospital it is important to document your injuries.As your injuries heal you will want to document the process. From the day of your injury until the day you were cleared you should keep a diary on what parts of your body are in pain, what visible injuries you have as well as a description of them. 

Hiring An Attorney

If you were walking, jogging and were hit by a car then your injuries are a top priority and must be treated by a healthcare professional with great compassion. You will need a lawyer who is skilled at winning the most money for their injury victims so that you can get the compensation you need. 

Don’t delay. Each state has a statute of limitations on car accidents involving pedestrians. They vary from state to state. For example, in Georgia, the statute of limitations is 2 years, but in neighbouring Florida, it is 4 years.

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