What Are The Causes Of A Car Blown, And How Much It Worth?

Do you want to get cash for a junk car? And wondering what is the worth of my blown engine car? If you decided to junk your wrecked car, then what is the procedure, how can I sell my blown engine car, and how much is it worth?

You can sell your car with a blown engine at any scrapyard near your house. Many scrap yards can give cash for your junk cars at junkcarus.com. We buy scrap cars. Finding an appropriate buyer for a junk car is a waste of time because you will not get any buyer until the buyer has a piece of keen knowledge about cars and engines. So, in case what to do? First, you need to know what makes your car engine blow

What are the causes of blown engines? 

Several different reasons make your car blow engine, but I will mention the first is overexertion and Lack of Maintenance.

Lack of Maintenance is the big reason I have seen many people who don’t repair or check their engine years and tears and get the blown engine. These cars are the same as living beings. We have attached emotions to it. Such as other animals, people, and plants like this way, we love our cars. So they also need that proper care element and proper care to help them work correctly and more efficiently. If you face the issues such as fuel issues, if there is any build-up or leak, you have to repair it elsewhere you have to face engine blown problems, remember to change the filter regularly. It will also help your engine to work accurately.

Overrevving is the bed option. Whenever you over revived your car, some parts may break, and that lead your engine to blow, so it’s harmful to the engine no matter for what reason you are doing this either Sometimes revving your engine is necessary, but most of the time, people do this for fun to flaunt their car to others, but in both cases, it’s not acceptable. Now you might be working on how I can get to know that my car has a blown engine.

How did I know the car has blown engine?

You can get to know this in an easy step by noticing some points that are as follows.

  • Excessive heating is the symptoms that your car is going to blow
  • Weird and annoying voices coming out of the engine
  • Car coolant and oil shelves will mix, and its great identification of blown engine
  • It will fail to start

How much it worth?

For this, you have to calculate on scrap car value calculator, but you can get different rates at different car scrapyard also some will buy you on good rates and then replace it with another engine, but the heck is this that a person should know cars so it will give you a good amount.


I hope I have clear many of your problems related to car-blown engines because I know how hard it to sell the car to a scrap yard and, in return to earn a profitable amount.

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