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5 Vehicle Additions to Make Your Car Safer

Improved structural design and technological advancements have made the modern-day vehicle far safer than ever before. Even the three-point seat belt has come a long way in making sure we are at much less risk on the road than we were several decades ago. However, as safe as we may feel in our late-model vehicles, there are ways to make them even safer. Here are three additions that may be worth considering if you want to take those feelings of safety to the next level.

Upgraded Shocks

Shocks may be one small component in your car, but it may surprise you to learn just how much of a difference they can make. For example, coil over shocks are a shock-absorbing system, which means they can safely and comfortably absorb the bumps you drive over. They may also improve your vehicle’s handling, the balance it has on all four corners, and even its traction. Fortunately, these shocks are also easy to install and compatible with almost any car.

Better Tires

While shocks play an integral part in your vehicle’s handling and safety, so do tires, which affect everything from your handling to braking and your overall safety. If you’re going to change or upgrade anything easily on your vehicle, you may like to start with the tires. When deciding on the best tires to purchase, consider the climate and general driving conditions you face. Some tires are designed to suit some situations better than others.

Remove the Bull Bar

Many people install bull bars to protect their vehicles and themselves from road hazards like animals. However, they can actually make others much more unsafe. To make your car safer for other people, consider removing them or opting for a smaller bumper, particularly if you live somewhere with pedestrians and cyclists.

Install a Collision Avoidance System

You may never be able to go your whole driving life without being in a collision, but you may be able to reduce their frequency and severity with a collision-avoidance system. These systems are installed in most new cars, but can also be added to those that don’t have them. These systems warn you if you’re not in the right lane while also offering other standout features like parking assist, cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.

Dash Cameras

Dash cameras are becoming a vital vehicle addition, particularly for offering recordings as evidence in court cases. However, they are also proving to be helpful for learner drivers who are working towards their driving test. New drivers can review their driving footage to find out what they did well and what they could do better the next time they hit the road. Some late-model dash cameras even come with advanced features like lane diversion warnings, GPS tracking, collision detection, and more.

The next time you consider making any changes to your car, toy with the idea of coil over shocks, a collision avoidance system, or even a dash camera. These small changes may be able to make a world of difference to your vehicle’s safety and your peace of mind.

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