Cheap Ways For Moving Your Vehicle Interstate

There are many reasons why you may want to move vehicles. It could be because you’ve spent a lot of money on a long-distance relocation or used most of your savings to purchase a new car. Whatever the reason, this process may be challenging. 

Fortunately, there are cheap ways that you can move vehicles interstate. Cheap car moving isn’t only about hiring an affordable auto transport company. There are other things that you need to consider.

This article explains some cheap ways that you can move your vehicle interstate. 

Contact Several Transport Companies

If you want to get the best deal, it’s best to contact several moving companies. These may be carriers or auto-transport brokers. It’s unlikely that all of them will charge the same rates. You should aim to get at least three quotes and settle for an affordable one. The good news is that most moving companies have websites and can give you free instant quotes. 

Getting quotes from different companies can also help you know the average market shipping price. With that information, you can easily determine expensive and cheaper rates. 

Have Flexible Delivery Times

If you contact a moving company and ask them to deliver your car by a specific date, you’ll likely pay the driver a higher price to meet your deadline. If you want to pay less, it’s advisable to be flexible. You may even save hundreds of dollars if you tell the moving company to fit your transport into their schedule. 

Also, most carriers may not meet specific delivery dates no matter the amount you pay them. 

Select An Open Transport Carrier

Most moving companies use open trucks to move vehicles. So, opting for them may be cheaper because they’re many. On the other hand, you may have to pay expensively for enclosed transport carriers because they’re fewer. 

Some statistics estimate that the cost of hiring an enclosed truck is 50% more than hiring an open carrier. Because of that, enclosed transport carriers are best for transporting classic cars and expensive luxury vehicles.

Use Terminal-To-Terminal Carriers

Some moving companies have terminal yards in different towns where cars are delivered and picked from. Most of these yards are near bigger cities or off main interstates. Using these carriers may be cheaper because they don’t have to ship the vehicle directly to your doorstep. Instead, they’ll ship them to their yards and charge you lesser rates.

The only disadvantage of using terminal-to-terminal carriers is that they’re few. Because of that, it may take longer to find one. Also, their terminal yards may be far from where you reside, making you travel several miles to pick your car. Additionally, some yards may charge daily storage fees if your vehicle stays in the terminal for a longer period. 

Avoid Busy Months

It’s best to avoid shipping your car between June and August because many people move during these months. Instead, it would be advisable to move your vehicle between December and February because of the lesser traffic. During these slow months, car shipping companies charge lower rates than those they charge in busy months.


Moving your car can be difficult if you have a tight budget. Fortunately, all hope isn’t lost because there are cheap ways of shipping vehicles interstate. 

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