The Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Number Plates

Car number plates
Cleaning car number plates

Most car sanitisation services take care of the body and interior – but there’s a place that they either don’t give attention to or don’t provide it with specific care, the car plates. 

As a result, the number plate becomes dull and gets an all-around bad look. 

This means that it’s up to you to take care of your car license plate. You could make a special request to car sanitization services to look into your car number plate, but it doesn’t hurt to know how you could keep it looking in good condition.

Find the Right Tools

As the old saying goes, a carpenter is only as good as his tools. This adage applies to nearly every facet of life, and car plates are no exception to the rule. First thing’s first – get the right tools if you want to complete the job with finesse. You will need a compatible screwdriver to remove screws off the number plate, car wash soap, cleaning brush, kitchen cleaner, microfiber towel, and naval jelly.  

Gently Remove the Plate

Depending on how the plate is secured to your car, you’ll have to find an appropriate screwdriver for it. This is the first step and should be performed with utmost caution. You do not want to damage the car plate or create markings that could reduce its visibility.

In some cases, the screws may be too old and rusted out. This means that a regular screwdriver probably won’t be able to pry it open. You will have to apply extra force to open the plate. If you can’t do this process without damaging the car plate, we recommend hiring an expert to do it for you. Damaging the car plate is simply not worth it.

Get to Cleaning the Slot 

Use a water pipe and car wash soap to start cleaning the plate. Once you have properly removed the dust, dirt, and any other contaminants, leave the car plate to dry out before fitting it back in place. Make sure the soap and any accompanying foam have been properly removed from the car plate before you reinstall it. 

Cleaning the plate itself may be easier said than done, depending on how long it’s been before a cleanup session. If the soap and water didn’t do a good enough job, you can a brush to remove any stubborn debris.

To remove any light rust stains off the number plate, use bleach. Your goal should be to remove the affected area, apply powder, and allow it to soak for some time. Once enough time has passed, remove the stains with a cleaning brush.

Removing Dust and Stains 

Removing tough stain marks and rusted areas is easy enough with a pencil eraser. You’ll notice that the eraser will bring out the original shiny appearance of the car plate. 

Treating the rust may be a bit more challenging and depends on the conditions of the plate itself. Try using a kitchen cleaner and a CLR bath to treat the car plate and give it that glossy look. To start, fill a shallow bucket with the CLR cleaner and soak the plate in it for about 3 minutes. Once you’ve done this, remove the car plate and clean it using a light toothbrush.

Pro tip: Apply Car Polish 

In most cases, you can get on with your day by installing the car plate back in its place.

But if you want to give your car plate that shining, gleaming look, then we recommend applying some car polish. This car polish will remove any marks and light scratches from the p.ate. Be gentle with the application because if you’re too rough, you could erode the plate. 

Another great product that can help you remove the rust is WD-40. It’s highly efficient and does so without creating a greasy appearance. 

Put the Plate Back in Place

If you’re happy with the results, put the plate in its place and secure it in its frame. Do this after you’re done drying the car plate, and ensure that water, soap, or any other cleaning products are properly removed from the car plate. This is an important final step to ensure that rust does not form in its place. 

Wrapping Up 

So there you have it, a quick beginner’s guide to restoring your car plate’s gleaming look. Make sure to clean your car plate on a regular basis to ensure it retains its overall look.

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