Should You Buy a Tesla? Here Are 3 Pros to Consider

Pre-pandemic heavy congestions on roads and crowded buses were a thing many people considered normal. However, during this past year, the world did a 180, and nothing is the same.

People got locked up in their homes while animals started roaming freely in the streets of NYC. As lockdowns are slowly easing, people are having second thoughts regarding methods of transportation. The majority of the public doesn’t want to get back to being crammed in public metros and buses like pickles in jars.

So what trends should you expect in the automotive industry? Now that there’s a lot of surplus in gas cars, companies are beaming to start marketing their cars using sweet deals. On the other hand, the buzz around Tesla has people rushing to invest in electric cars, especially young adults. What’s so special about Tesla?

Check out these three pros to find out more!

Go for a Unique Design

Elon Musk tried his best not to copy the work of prominent car designers such as Giorgetto Giugiaro, who’s the crucial Italian designer for Ferraris.

Through working with car designer Von Holzhausen, Tesla brought a new generation of cars to the marketplace.

They are sleek, elegant, and not too flashy. At the same time, these cars are becoming the possible blueprint of future vehicles. 

The Model S, for instance, is an example of peak efficiency according to Von Holzhausen. 

Indeed so, the current upgraded version of Model S doesn’t include a faux grill nose cone. 

Instead, it’s been replaced by a smoother front since electric cars don’t require an internal combustion engine to feed with oxygen or cool with airflow, thereby making the presence of faux grilles unnecessary. 

Say Goodbye to Long Fuel Queues

While many people opt for hybrid options, going completely electric means that you’ll no longer sit for hours to fuel your car.

Tesla cars give you the option to charge your car at home!

You heard that right. There’s no need to worry about long lines at fuel stations when you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind that each type of Tesla vehicle has its respective charger and levels of charging time. Moreover, don’t forget about the cost of charging, since it depends on your state’s electricity pricing, time of day, and how much you charge daily. 

Help Make Your Air Cleaner

One positive thing about the corona lockdowns was that citizens everywhere got a small glimpse of what a post-fossil fuel world would look like.

With fewer gas cars on the roads, the air quality improved drastically over the last two years.

People were astounded to see the night sky and tall skyscrapers in the morning instead of haze.

Today’s young adults are very concerned about sustainability and climate change. They advocate for a greener planet by reducing meat consumption, decreasing plastic use, and going for electric vehicles.

It’s also worth noting that without pollution and smog, the rate of lung infections will drop considerably if more people and companies think about mother Earth.  

That being said, climate change doesn’t only mean more hot weather; it also means more typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes. 

Hence, if you plan on getting a Tesla soon, don’t forget to check out some waterproof car covers to keep your Tesla clean and brand new. 

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