The Richest Formula 1 Racing Drivers

Formula 1, a preeminent entertainment distinguished by intense racing, tough rivalry, frequent rough episodes among drivers, and the incredible skill of the world’s best drivers. It has enhanced to a sport that not only entertains but also stakes are so high that athletes strive to succeed by employing various tactics, many of which are intriguing to fans.

The different tactics and intense racing competition have attracted a loyal fan base of around 500 million people spread across other countries. With drivers travelling from all over the world, for example, from Monaco to Bahrain to compete in what is known as the Grand Prix, fans come to see for themselves what happens on the track. Fans regularly enjoy the intensity of the races, the rivalry between the drivers, such as the Hamilton-Fettel race, which is the face of the Mercedes-Ferrari rivalry. That’s why the drivers get such considerable net worth.

Kimi Raikkonen: $200 million

The Iceman is a record-breaking Finnish racer. His career is an excellent example of how anybody can achieve incredible results even if they are not from the countries considered as “racing.” While all the time participating in races, he managed to achieve the most victories in the most significant tournaments among Finnish racers: incredible 21 Grand Prix wins. Raikkonen is also the first and single driver who participated in the periods of V10, V8, and V6 engines. An impressive achievement that continues to make him one of the favourites in racing. If you decide to bet on this sport, don’t forget to verify with the reviews, such as to be sure that it is a trusted betting site.

Forty-one-year-old Iceman participates in Alfa Romeo’s races, and his net worth reaches an incredible $240 million.

Fernando Alonso: $240 million

Alonso is a highly prosperous Spanish racer. He enjoys trying his hand at various racing events, and Formula 1 was a stage in his career that he would never forget. Alonso finished racing and left Formula 1 in 2018. Before that, he obtained the Formula 1 title in 2005 and 2006. Fernando was a driver for the Renault team at that time.

Besides Renault, Alonso was a racer at other teams in Formula 1. The most famous of them were Ferrari, McLaren, and Renault. Fernando Alonso’s fortune in 2021 will be $220 million.

Lewis Hamilton: $285 Million

Hamilton became one of the most successful British racers by starting from victory in 2008. He was a part of the McLaren team then, and since that time, he managed to achieve seven wins at World Championships. This is more than any racer has in a career in the history of Formula 1. Now Hamilton races for the Mercedes team.

With such success in Formula 1, no wonder his wealth reached a considerable amount. In 2020 Hamilton’s salary in the Mercedes team was $30 million, and his net worth grew to $285 million.

Michael Schumacher: $600 million

Schumacher’s name has long been a household name, and deservedly so. The German racing driver is one of the very few greats to have conquered the F1 circuit. He has won 7 Formula 1 championships, a renowned sport characterized by intense racing, fierce competition, frequent violent incidents between drivers, and the incredible skill of the world’s best single-seater drivers. It has become a sport that entertains, and stakes are so high that drivers attempt to succeed by employing various tactics, many of them intriguing to fans.

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