KTM have done some recent development work on their flagship 4 wheel machine the X-Bow. It has subsequently been named the X-Bow R. I must be honest, I have recently seen two of these pushing it around Killarney Racetrack in Cape Town and they did not impress me one bit. The biggest improvement is fitting the car with Audi’s 2.0litre TFSI (from S3) engine that produces 300bhp. This is a massive increase from the predecessor’s 237bhp. It has a larger turbo fitted and the ECU has been modified. Slight exterior mods such as paint job will indicate that you are in the ‘R’ version… In my opinion, I think it is horrifically overpriced and if given the choice would much rather take the fastest accelerating car available, the V8 Atom. Now that is something to smile about 🙂
Looks very much like a transformer…
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