Ferrari FF Maximus

DMC (a German Tuner) has released the first images of their new Ferrari FF package dubbed the Maximus. Sounds pretty mean hmmm? The body kit is improved with new bumpers, side-scoops and a better aerodynamic rear wing. Best of all, the whole lot is 100% carbon fiber. A total weight saving of 70kg from the original parts surely makes this better performing too? Well yes it does especially if they outfit it with twin superchargers as planned. A new intake manifold, enlarged injectors and 90mm tailpipes are also on the concept plan. The expected figures are 876hp with 862Nm of torque ( this equates to an increase of 225hp and 179Nm from the standard FF. An estimate at the acceleration figures are 0 to 100 km/h in a blistering 3.2 seconds and well over a max speed of 340km/h. This is one seriously mean grand tourer!
Massive rear diffuser and much better looking wing…
Looks like one VERY naughty smile…
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