It Has Arrived… The New BMW M5!!!! Grrrrr

Finally the official pictures have hit the web. Yes we all saw the concept a few months back but I wanted to wait till the real deal was released and boy am I glad I did that… Look at this thing! It looks absolutely spectacular! Those massive air intakes and huge 20″ wheels make it look seriously serious. As with all of the BMW’s they have decided to change the engine again… This might be seriously heart wrenching for those die-hard V10 M5 lovers but what they have replaced it with is something rather special. A TWIN-turbocharged V8 capable of producing 552hp which is a very chunky 45hp more than the V10. The kick in the backside has got bigger too with the Torque increasing from 519Nm to about 680Nm. The reported 0 to 100 happens in 4.4 seconds from the moment you hammer the loud pedal. I think in South Africa we could possibly be looking at around R1million for this bad boy but I stand to be corrected when the official figures are released. This is yet another mean machine from the BMW Motorsport division and I am so looking forward to seeing one and hopefully going in one.

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Love the quad exhausts…


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