John Cooper Works Coupe Racer

So Mini have revealed there new little racer toy thingy. Straight after the official worldwide reveal of their new Cooper Coupe comes the tricked out racing version. This fresh piece of machinery will be put to the test this weekend when it participates in the Nurburgring 24hr race which is shear torture for any vehicle. The 1.6 litre engine develops 250bhp and manages a top speed of 250km/h with an overboost function Helmii. This stripped out version will include a racing exhaust system, stiffer shocks and a full new aero package consisting of front and rear spoilers, an adjustable rear wing and a nice big diffuser to generate some crucial downforce. I think it looks very cool and must be hell of a fun to take for a spin. Let us see how it fairs in the very tough challenge the little guy is going to face this weekend.
Properly evident aerodynamic upgrades here…
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